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Biden’s mental decline puts our country in grave danger
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Biden’s mental decline puts our country in grave danger

We need to step away from politics and the election for a second. We need to talk about the state of our country.

Joe Biden’s debate performance isn’t about politics anymore. It’s about the critical state of our national security. This is the weakest our president has ever appeared. Never in my lifetime have I seen a U.S. president appear so feeble and incapable. If I'm Vladimir Putin, I am storming Europe. If I am Xi Jinping, I am invading Taiwan — right now.

I remember when Ronald Reagan was in the hospital after being shot. That was a very nerve-wracking time because, for a moment, we didn't have the president in charge. He transferred his presidential powers to the vice president while he was in the hospital at the beginning. It was terrifying because you knew the world was watching.

We’re in trouble, not merely because of Joe Biden. We’re in trouble because people are not recognizing the danger that is right in front of us.

Our enemies are always looking for moments of weakness. During the debate, it confirmed to our enemies that we’ve endured nearly four years of weakness.

Three categories of people watched last week’s debate.

There were those who believed the media's claim that Biden's senility was just a Republican "cheap fake" and that the president has never been sharper. This group is probably in shock after seeing his debate performance. For those in this group, here's what you should be thinking right now: I cannot trust any of my trusted sources because they all lied to me.

Then, there are those who participated in the con. Anybody who has talked to Biden, has seen him up close and personal, and has had conversations with him is culpable. Those of you who ran the con in the press, the White House, and the Democratic Party, shame on you! You have put our country in grave danger.

Then, there are those who are responding to the debate by saying, "The Democratic Party is in trouble. What are we going to do for the election? Can we get him to step down before the convention? If we do, how do we pick a new candidate?" People in the first two groups can fall in this category. But these are political questions. We need to step away from politics and the election for a second. We need to talk about the state of our country.

We are now facing nuclear threats that we haven't faced since the 1960s. Even though the 1960s was a time of great fear and uncertainty with the Soviet Union, we had John F. Kennedy. He was in so much pain, unbeknownst to the American people. The doctors were jacking him up on drugs. But at least he was sane and sharp!

In 2024, we have Joe Biden. Do you realize the responsibility he carries to determine your fate in a national emergency? As president, he would have seven minutes to decide how to respond if any of our global enemies launched a nuclear attack. If North Korea launched a hypersonic weapon at us, he would have less than seven minutes to decide what to do. Our military wouldn't even have enough time to verify if it was a nuke or not. They open the football and take out what's called the "Black Book of Death." That's how serious this is! The president has to look through it and decide, "This city, this system, these ships, these silos will be saved." Then, the guy who is with the football acts as a kind of actuary. He takes the president's selection and says, "Mr. President, this is going to result in this many deaths."

Take this as a hypothetical example. Let's assume the president decides to retaliate against North Korea if it launches a ballistic missile at the United States. The "actuary" would point out that some of those targeted North Korean cities are up against the border of China. That means that radiation will blow into China, killing an additional 250,000 Chinese. The Chinese will look at that as aggression, and they may launch their own nuclear weapons at us. The radiation may make its way as far north as Russia, and that country will likely retaliate. The "actuary" will explain all of this to the president and ask, "Is this your selection, sir?"

Do you trust Joe Biden with that responsibility, regardless of your political affiliation?

I am so angry that I haven't heard a single person on television or in the political realm talk about the state of the country! They're all talking about the election: "How do we replace Biden before the convention? How do we get him off the ticket?"

Get him off the ticket? I'm singularly concerned with how we get this man away from the football!

Do you know what our enemies are thinking? If there were any opportunity to take advantage of the United States' weakness, it's now. Our country is in more danger than at any point possibly in my lifetime — and I grew up during the Cold War. We are weak, and the world knows it. Our enemies know it. They are threatening nuclear weapons, and we cannot have this man with the "black book of death" and the button!

Does anyone understand what we saw during the debate? You didn't see a presidential candidate. You saw the current president of the United States! That should terrify you regardless of your political affiliation.

If you are on the right and were celebrating after the debate because you thought, "This is going to be great for Donald Trump," be careful what you wish for. If you are somebody on the left thinking, "Oh well, this just played into the caricature that the right was trying to build about Biden," do you think we want our country to be destroyed? Does any American want our president to look like that? What is wrong with us?

We're in trouble, not merely because of Joe Biden. We’re in trouble because people are not recognizing the danger that is right in front of us. I've been saying a lot lately, "May God save the republic." He cannot do what we won't participate in. We must get this man out of office.

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