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Black male feminists will never be respected
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Black male feminists will never be respected

If order is ever to be restored to the black family and community, black men will need to lead the way — not follow black women to the voting booth.

Roland Martin may know a lot about media and politics, but the veteran journalist and cultural commentator needs to learn a valuable lesson about human nature. Weakness is always met with aggression.

Martin recently posted a picture of himself on social media wearing a shirt that had “Vote Like a Black Woman” written across his chest. Given the fact that over 90% of black women voted for Joe Biden in 2020 and Democrats call black women the “backbone” of the party, it’s safe to assume he meant “vote blue, no matter who.”

The men who want to be allies with women who resent their 'male privilege' will continue to be publicly disrespected until they get a backbone.

Roland Martin is a poster boy for an entire generation of men who have been ground down and had their rough truth-telling edges sandblasted by a culture saturated in feminism. These men want to keep their positions of influence and power, so they figure appeasing the sisterhood is a good strategy for survival.

What they don’t realize is that an ideology rooted in the rejection of nature will never produce gratitude. Even concessions by men are met with resentment. The more men give, the more feminists demand. Others complain about the fact that the progress they desired didn’t come sooner.

The breakdown of the family has had a ripple effect on the gender dynamics in every other part of black America. For example, black women have a significant amount of influence in the Democrat party and the corporate media outlets that are a mouthpiece for the left. Progressives love black women in positions of power, especially when they use their platforms to rail against the twin evils of racism and sexism.

The exchange between Zerlina Maxwell and MSNBC anchor Craig Melvin a few years ago captures this dynamic perfectly. Maxwell is a political analyst who claimed misogyny torpedoed Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign in 2020. Maxwell didn’t explain why Warren, the first female senator in the history of Massachusetts, came in third among women in her home state. She didn’t need to. Instead, she jumped straight to charges of sexism and demanded more men publicly support women in leadership roles. Craig Melvin, the man moderating the discussion, sheepishly obliged: “Um ... ok ... uh ... for the record, I want to see women in positions of power.”

The black community’s inverted gender dynamics are also why former MSNBC host Tiffany Cross felt comfortable saying black men in Georgia should “get in line” behind black women and vote for Stacey Abrams back in 2022. She knew none of the male panelists — including Roland Martin — would challenge her. Black male feminists are trained to sit silently when black women are doing the hard work of leadership.

The reason women like Maxwell, Cross, Sunny Hostin of “The View,” and radical feminists like professor Brittney Cooper speak with such condescension toward black men is because they have contempt for weak men. It is one of the cruel ironies of human nature. The alpha females who see themselves as leaders don’t respect the types of men who want to follow them.

Women are naturally hypergamous, which is why they desire mates they perceive as having a higher social status than their own. They generally desire men who are taller, older, more educated, and earn more money than they do. One analysis of U.S. Census data found male doctors often married nurses and teachers. Female physicians, however, did not “marry down.”

Regardless of socioeconomic status, women typically pursue relationships that take them to a higher level. This explains why the marriage between black women and white liberals that has powered the Democratic Party for more than 60 years is the strongest political union in America. It’s a marriage of convenience, not love. Politicians get votes, bureaucrats get job security, and black women of every income and education level get access to resources. It may not be an iron triangle, but to paraphrase Ecclesiastes 4:12, this three-strand cord is not easily broken.

A wise husband and wife will vote for what is in the best interest of their household. But when marriage is no longer the foundation of the family, men and women think like mercenaries, each out for their individual good. Political parties know this and use it for their own benefit.

If order is ever to be restored to both the black family and community, black men will need to lead the way, not follow black women to the voting booth. This is one reason the uplift-through-politics strategy that men like Roland Martin push will never work. It’s also why big government liberals will be resistant to a "marriage before carriage” movement that would inevitably diminish their role in black households. So will the feminists who love to see black men willing to think, speak, act, and vote like black women.

Democrats have black women as their “backbone.” The men who want to be allies with women who resent their “male privilege” will continue to be publicly disrespected until they get a backbone.

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