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Black wives to Biden: Marriage vows trump political bows
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Black wives to Biden: Marriage vows trump political bows

'Till death do us part' is for your spouse, not the man in the White House.

I have a message for every black woman who is married to a loving, caring, and wise black man who is willing to lay his life down for his family: You owe your husband far more loyalty than you owe Joe Biden.

This message obviously applies to wives of every ethnic background as well, but the left’s strategic use of race to wrangle black voters requires a direct response.

Anything of value deserves protection. This applies to both nations and families.

A recent video published by BET demonstrates one of the left’s greatest vulnerabilities. It featured a reporter asking a couple about their voting history going back to 2008. Both the man and woman said they voted for Barack Obama twice. The man said he voted for Donald Trump in the next two elections. The woman voted for Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden in 2016 and 2020, respectively.

Then the reporter asked about the couple’s plans for the 2024 election. The man said he would vote for Trump again — and so did his significant other.

Even though the couple isn’t married, the woman’s move to the right suggests she is open to following her man’s lead when it comes to politics. For a party that is constantly talking about the need to reach black men, any sizable movement of black women away from the left would be a nightmare.

That’s because the marriage between black women and white liberals that has powered the Democratic Party for more than 60 years is the most significant interracial relationship in American culture.

The party vs. family

One of the biggest problems with the stranglehold Democrats have on the black community today is that the party simultaneously undermines the natural family then uses that division to further its policy goals.

If order is ever to be restored to both the black family and progressive politics, black men will need to lead the way. I know this doesn’t apply to all black men. I’m speaking specifically to the ones who know their values do not align with those of the party that has traditionally received their support.

These are the men who don’t want their children being taught in fourth grade that “men” can have babies. That’s one reason many of them support school choice, especially for low-income students.

These men want their children to live in neighborhoods where criminals don’t turn the streets into a firing range. These are men who know that wanting strong borders doesn’t make you a racist any more than wanting a strong front door means a homeowner hates everyone on the other side.

Anything of value deserves protection. This applies to both nations and families.

These men are husbands and fathers who work hard to provide for their families and protect them from physical danger and destructive ideologies.

And many of these men have wives who are slowly starting to see that the party no longer represents their interests. Even the “abortion-is-liberation” messaging so common among black feminists rings hollow to a wife who sees a baby as a gift to be cherished with her husband, not a consequence of meaningless sex.

A marriage of convenience

The gatekeepers of black culture exert tremendous social pressure on any one black person publicly associated with conservatism. These border control agents have a few different weapons at their disposal. They question racial authenticity, use shame tactics, and publicly ridicule anyone who is even considering voting for Donald Trump.

The black wives who know their interests start in the home should be ready to be attacked as “brainwashed” traitors of both their race and sex. Each one will be accused of being a submissive “pick me” willing to do anything — even vote for Trump! — to placate a man.

But the women who know that a house divided cannot stand should ignore the bitter feminists, especially since many don’t even have the courage to define the word “woman” in public.

Some of the most outspoken women against the patriarchy are far more obedient when it comes to the forces of “theytriarchy.” When a “nonbinary” man in a dress tells them that he gets to determine what it means to be a woman, they will not utter a word in protest. It seems black feminists have finally found a group of men they can submit to.

For many Americans, the most politically significant interracial relationship in our nation’s history involves the Loving v. Virginia Supreme Court case. The truth, however, is that the marriage between black women and white liberals that has powered the Democratic Party for decades is far more important. That cruel irony is captured by Joe Biden’s recent claim that he’s done more for black Americans than any president since Lyndon Johnson.

This is a marriage of convenience, not love. Politicians get votes, bureaucrats get job security, and black women of every income and education level get access to resources. It may not be an iron triangle, but to paraphrase Ecclesiastes 4:12, this three-strand cord is not easily broken.

Thankfully, nothing in politics is permanent.

That doesn’t mean politics can’t provide valuable life lessons. Everything about how journalists and pundits talk about black voters and Democrats can be useful for a serious movement to fortify the black family.

We know what it means to be loyal and committed in the face of relationship difficulties, unmet needs, broken promises, external temptations, and changing priorities. We know what it looks like when everyone in our social circles supports our union and friends use every tool at their disposal to get a wavering spouse to go home.

This level of commitment was never intended for a political party. The vow “till death do us part” is for your spouse, not the man in the White House.

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