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Deace: It’s time for my fellow conservatives to admit white privilege really is a thing
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Deace: It’s time for my fellow conservatives to admit white privilege really is a thing

I have finally been broken. White privilege is real, and it is spectacular.

What triggered this revelation was a story in the Federalist about Apple’s new “mixed reality” goggles. The headline says they are “designed to isolate and control you,” to which I instantly lamented that we pale-skins are already pretty damned good at that without the awkward headsets.

White privilege, if it is anything, is indeed our isolation from and faux control over reality. The reality of white privilege is a far cry from how progressive propagandists define it: as a perpetual silver spoon. Instead, it is an adult diaper that we would rather sit in as we watch the world go by, no matter how horrendous things get, because we simply don’t want to be bothered.

Brown-skinned Armenian men are currently putting khaki-pants-wearing white guys to shame in Glendale, California. There, when confronted with groomers in the classroom and masked Antifa dweebs in the streets, they forcefully showed them exactly how things are going to go if they continue to hunt their children in the name of the Rainbow Jihad — and it will not go well for the groomers.

Is there the potential for overreaction? Of course. But the reason we are so far from coming even close to going over that line to confront the demons in our midst is the, ahem, "blessing of liberty" that is white privilege. We constantly convince ourselves that the thing that actually must be done is the last thing that should be done.

White privilege is how we get men like David French constantly slandering actual righteousness from men who know what time it is — all the while supporting drag queen story hour’s place in the public square. "White privilege" will be engraved on French’s tombstone — as it will on the tombstones of all boys who can shave that excuse and weakness as some forsaken deception they call principle.

We can’t let the gals off the hook, though, when it comes to the reality-optional goggles of white privilege. And there is no better case to be made for that than the group of soccer players from the U.S. women's team who recently lost 12-0 in a matchup against men from a lower division European team (including players who had previously retired). Let me say it again: 12-0. This outcome was certain because it is rooted in science. Collectively, men are physically superior, in terms of strength and athleticism, to women by design. That is real science, not the propaganda many deploy these days in an attempt to make their lies true somehow.

After all of the effort by women over the years to break glass ceilings and to have it all, we haven't even come back to where we started — we've come somewhere worse. We are not only erasing women altogether, but now they can’t even count on the men to provide for and protect them.

Thought the patriarchy was bad? The matriarchy is always much worse.

Nevertheless, many women driving Subarus with “believe in science” bumper stickers throughout cul-de-sacs across the fruited plain cannot be bothered. Even while they are seeing the athletic opportunities for their daughters — and more importantly, their safety and their dignity — stolen from them in sport after sport by boys who want to feel pretty. For every Samantha Ponder brave enough to speak out, there are legions more females in places like sports media who clap like seals for being reduced to mere “bleeders.”

A true respect for anything resembling real feminism would have made such usurpations unthinkable. So much for "I am woman, hear me roar!" Instead, we don’t even know what a woman is. That is peak white privilege: to be absolutely certain of your superiority while doing absolutely everything to prove otherwise. Woman, thy name is Karen.

Determined to get the last word in, as Karen and all those seduced by white privilege are wont to do, a member of the U.S. women's soccer team called her team’s effort “bold and brave.” That’s one way of describing total embarrassment, I guess. Actually, if she wants to truly demonstrate boldness and bravery, she should announce publicly she’s sexually attracted to men.

But I digress.

This self-imposed isolation and granting of control to chaos itself is, tragically, the point of who we have become: a people forsaking one of the greatest birthrights in history in exchange for a self-hatred and loathing which must even extend to the mutilated bodies of our own children – all in pursuit of being declared the woke Übermensch.

If previous centuries of this once great country were threatened by white pride, this one is threatened by our invincible ignorance.

We hate ourselves and call that a victory.

It is the whitest thing ever.

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