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Deace: Leftists like Stephen Colbert don't care about your freedoms. They desire power and will do what they must to keep it.
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Deace: Leftists like Stephen Colbert don't care about your freedoms. They desire power and will do what they must to keep it.

We raise our kids from the very beginning with lessons about Rosa Parks. But we don't really mean it.

At least Stephen Colbert doesn't. Which of course should surprise no one considering his brand of Catholicism comes with regular endorsements of baby killing and gender bending. Not really meaning it is kind of his thing.

So Temecula, California, City Councilwoman Jessica Alexander has little to worry about from the woke meanderings of such a shallow pool, no matter how much national attention it shines on her. In fact, keep doing what you are doing, Jessica. Because you are clearly over the target.

Her supposed sin that drew Colbert's attention more than a week ago during a city council meeting was comparing, what for a long time now, the arbitrary and unscientific enforcement of mask policy on American citizens as pushing those like her who protest "to the back of the bus."

Originally, Parks claimed her right to choose a different seat on the bus because she was tired at the end of a long day in a lifetime of long days, where the so-called "experts" of the era placed segregation at the heart of the cool kids table. Yet as Martin Luther King Jr. is known for advising without equivocation, there is "never a wrong time to do the right thing." So Parks acted.

We tell kids that story because it is just the type of courage we hope they will one day have in the face of tyranny that is passing for cheap justice or culture. And we don't just tell the black kids. That was Parks' true gift to us all. Her tale is now legend because it speaks to the hearts of every single one of us. Black and white. Male and female.

It screams that freedom is always worth fighting for.

And it's a call Alexander has heard and honored her entire life. She has served her country as a United States Marine. Then she joined the New York City Police Department. Now living in California, her list of charitable contributions to her community is second to none while holding elected office. Oh, and she does it all while raising five children.

Breaking: That's what must be stopped. Her autonomy. Her self-agency. Her sense of duty.

Because when it comes right down to it, the dirty little secret here is that Colbert isn't really mad that Alexander supposedly misappropriated Parks' heroic story for her own cause. No, for none of this is really about masks or lockdowns or COVID to him anyway.

It's about power. Who wants it. Who has it. And the lies we tell to manipulate it.

Colbert's true reason for getting involved in this very local story is that he knows the true power in all of us starts local and blooms from there, just as it did with Parks one fateful day. But in his world, it's the expert class that means to rule from its Tower of Babel, and they are fundamentally no less broken in character than the segregationists of old. Which means, by definition, Colbert actually demands that you stay in the back of the bus in order to keep his world as flat as possible.

All of you who don't virtue signal like he does. All of you who believe this country and its freedoms are your birthright, not his punchline.

Alexander ain't having any of it. Neither should you. So see what Alexander is doing, and go and do likewise.

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