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Deace: Tim Scott would make a better snitch than senator
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Deace: Tim Scott would make a better snitch than senator

I got some attention this week for kneecapping South Carolina Senator Tim Scott in my response after he sheepishly – and I’m being kind there – responded to the raid of former President Donald Trump’s home with a plea for letting the system do its work before jumping to conclusions.

Oh, you mean the system that brought us locking you down while they went on vacation. That made you wear masks when they didn't. That shut down your churches but kept the rainbow orgies going. That jabbed you with side effects and canceled you on social media for complaining about it. That take private planes while making your gas unaffordable. That is actively attempting to erase our own southern border while obsessing about Ukraine’s. That anointed Russian collusion as a certainty but couldn’t be bothered to know what a Hunter Biden is. That assassinated Brett Kavanaugh’s character while letting Merrick Garland go wild labeling concerned parents as domestic terrorists. That U.S. citizens who protested their government on January 6 are now rotting in prison without due process while groomers run wild in our government schools.

You want me to put my faith in THAT system, Sen. Scott?

Because I’ve got other plans, and quite frankly, they aren’t negotiable with the likes of appeasers like you. For example, if the GOP wins Congress in November, it should do nothing less than shut down the entire federal government until the persecutions and banana republic nonsense I laid out above stops. Because if Senator Scott's flaccid fraternity continues to fund this fascist monster after all this, we all might as well move to Ukraine.

Here is the fundamental question on the table for the Republican Party: Do you finally hate what Democrats are determined to do to the country more than you hate your own base?

Still need help working through that pickle? Well, as always, I’m here to help.

Consider for a second that when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis stepped up to keep sexual deviance out of the curriculum of elementary school students, it was labeled by the Democrats/groomers as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill and they subsequently began shouting the word "gay" like feral children throughout the halls of their statehouse.

Yet now, when monkeypox is running amok within the gay community, the very same people who shouted "gay, gay, gay" are suddenly a tramp stamp of those three "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" monkeys. How dare you say gay and monkeypox in the same sentence, and who cares if the CDC is doing it even though we loved its COVID propaganda?

Can you see it now, Senator Scott? The lie is the point. The undoing of reality is the goal. There is no system to trust.

We are meant as citizens to simply accept that the power belongs to somebody else, and the longer we complain about that, the more painful the hurt will be. That why Donald Trump is about to be frog-marched. Not because the system is working, but because the system has been utterly destroyed.

At this point, Senator Scott, I'd have more respect for your limp-wristed pleas to "let this play out" if you were actually in on the plot. Because you'd make a far better snitch than senator, if this is what you really think.

Repeat after me, Senator Scott: Hail Hydra.

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