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Horowitz: Fauci’s criminal disregard of lifesaving treatment to keep people out of hospitals
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Horowitz: Fauci’s criminal disregard of lifesaving treatment to keep people out of hospitals

Anthony Fauci has been a miserable failure. No, I'm not referring to his support for failed "non-pharmaceutical" interventions, such as social distancing and masking. That is within the purview of the CDC, not the NIH. His job as the most famous official at the NIH is to work on pharmaceutical interventions, you know, like actually treating a virus we can see coming a mile away. Yet he and his team have failed to educate the public on long-term and short-term preventives, as well as treatment at all stages of the virus that talented physicians have known about from day one.

Seventeen months into this pandemic, it is abundantly clear that everyone who has not already gotten the virus has to assume their turn will come. They have had more than enough time to bulk up on vitamin D and zinc and to prepare with effective medicines, or at least keep them ready on their shelves for the first sign of minor illness. Most people usually experience 5-7 days – if not more – of mild to moderate symptoms before the illness heads into the dangerous inflammatory phase for those destined to suffer a clinical-level illness. Had Fauci, HHS, and every state department of health published a simple guide for people, as a stay-at-home mother has done, nearly every serious case could be pre-empted. Most of the illness could be dealt with simply, with over-the-counter medicines and supplements, while the tougher cases and the more vulnerable could be saved with early prescriptions.

Katie Jennings is a stay-at-home mom from Massachusetts who has put together a treatment packet based on the protocols of pioneering doctors like Vladimir Zelenko, Pierre Kory, Brian Tyson, and Peter McCollough, to name just a few. She collated their standards of care and some other information these and other doctors have given on my podcast and created an easy-to-use guide that every American family should have in their medicine cabinets.

Click here to access Katie's COVID treatment packet.

Also, for those seeking prescriptions, here is a list of doctors by state who are willing to treat the virus early, courtesy of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons.

Disclaimer: Obviously, not all of the medicines and therapeutics mentioned are for everyone or are to be taken together at any and all stages. Everyone should consult a competent medical professional they trust who actually believes in treating this virus rather than rolling the dice until you can't breathe. However, most of this information could boost your health and immune system even aside from COVID treatment. The end of the document contains a list of doctors and organizations who are willing to prescribe medication for the virus of the century before people get deathly ill from it.

The fact that a stay-at-home mom can put together a lifesaving treatment document with robust science behind it that 95% of doctors are completely unaware of demonstrates the failure of Fauci. How is it that primary care physicians are refusing to even prescribe basic antibiotics, antivirals, anti-inflammatories, and anti-coagulants? Unless this was his intent all along.

In a recent interview with Reuters, Fauci finally began talking about therapeutics, perhaps in advance of an eventual pivot away from the vaccines (after they are fully mandated) at a time when he is admitting people will need a third shot because the immunity is waning. He described his dream COVID drug as a "pill that blocks the viral function."

"I want it to be low in toxicity," said Fauci. "And I want it to have very minimal drug-drug interactions. So, orally administered. Single pill. Given for seven to 10 days. Little drug-drug interactions. And low toxicity. Give me that, and I'll be really happy."

Well, I've got news for you, there is such a drug, and it's called ivermectin! Dr. Jean-Jacques Rajter, a pulmonologist in Broward County, has been treating patients with ivermectin with a great deal of success since last April. It has great efficacy at every stage, is safe to be taken with nearly every drug on the market, and can be used pre-emptively, early, late, and even to treat the side effects (that you are not allowed to mention) of the vaccine itself! More importantly, if people had bulked up their vitamin D and zinc levels for 18 months, it would be even more effective, especially together with several other drugs, such as famotidine, Celebrex, and fluvoxamine. These are the treatment protocols that Fauci could have developed and perfected for an infinitesimal fraction of the hundreds of billions of dollars HHS has gotten to deal with the virus.

Last week, a massive study (N=3,532) of Indian health care workers who took two doses of ivermectin was peer-reviewed. The results? Those who took ivermectin were 83% less likely to get the virus, a much better result than the vaccines, which have failed to stop infection. The effect of ivermectin against critical illness is even better. I got my own ivermectin for just $15. But most importantly, this and similar drugs can be used from day one, when it is exponentially easier to treat the virus. It is criminal that every elderly or even middle-aged person is not given this prescription by his or her doctor immediately following a positive test. In fact, there's no reason ivermectin should not be made available over the counter.

Contrast that to remdesivir, the ONLY standard of care, for $3,000 a pop, but only when someone is already in bad shape. This is creating an unnatural rush on hospitals — both because untreated patients are already in worse shape and because people with milder cases are told the hospital is the only place to go to receive treatment.

The only thing to lose from an early treatment approach — the only thing we've bizarrely refused to do in this pandemic — is money and power for Fauci's cronies.

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