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Horowitz: Is it time for unvaccinated passports?
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Horowitz: Is it time for unvaccinated passports?

If a suspicion that vaccine-free people are spreading a virus would necessitate and justify vaccine passports, then shouldn’t the reality of vaccinated people spreading the virus at higher rates necessitate and justify “unvaccinated passports”? After all, if the shots really work so amazingly against serious illness — a premise undermined by Scottish data — the vaccinated by definition cannot be harmed by the unvaccinated. On the other hand, if the vaccinated are really unnaturally spreading the virus at a higher rate, there is the potential for worse outcomes with some form of vaccine-mediated viral enhancement, as was observed with the unvaccinated chickens devastated by the chickens vaccinated with the leaky Marek’s disease shot.

While none of us support such apartheid in either direction, if this is really about “following the science,” the continuous granular data from the U.K. would justify “unvaccinated passport” requirements to live a functional life. This chart made by my friend Don Wolt from data culled from the U.K’s latest weekly vaccine surveillance report is worth a million shots:

The negative efficacy for the double-vaxxed was so appalling that the U.K. has jettisoned that data point and now only compares the rates of infection for the unvaxxed to the triple-vaxxed. But even the boosters have evidently already gone into negative efficacy territory. As you can see, for the first time, the rate of infection among the triple-vaxxed, even for the 18- to 29-year-old cohort, is now higher than that of the unvaccinated. The degree of negative efficacy for all the older groups continues to increase in each weekly report, demonstrating a troubling trend of the vaccine making people more vulnerable to infection even quicker than we saw with the double-vaxxed last year. Unlike with all the vaccine-free adult cohorts, the infection rate actually got worse in this week’s report in several age cohorts among the vaccinated.

The latest numbers measure the infection rate from the last week in December through the first three weeks of January.

Here is the raw data from table 13 showing the negative efficacy even of the triple-vaxxed relative to the unvaccinated in the adult cohorts:

How are none of the public health officials concerned about this trend? They tried to claim that the two shots really needed a third dose in order to work. However, we are seeing the booster go negative on an even shorter timetable than the original doses. How can someone look at these numbers and not conclude that the shots are problematic? Why is there no concern that a shot that seems to make someone more likely to get the virus is also causing vaccine-mediated enhancement in the form of either antibody dependent disease enhancement (ADE) or original antigenic sin?

Consider the fact that CDC Director Rochelle Walensky was evidently shocked to find out, half a year after the shots were released, that they did not stop transmission. In an interview with the New York Times, Walensky describes the moment she realized the injection didn’t stop transmission as a “heart sink.” How could she not have known this was a non-sterilizing vaccine from the beginning? And if she didn’t know it failed to stop transmission, and now we see it goes negative over time – even after a booster – then how can we be sure she understands the concept of ADE and vaccine-mediated viral enhancement? With vaccines, a half a loaf is not better than no loaf; it’s often a poisonous loaf.

Moreover, notice how quick the CDC was to terminate the monoclonal antibodies based on the premise that they don’t work for Omicron, but somehow the vaccine-induced antibodies, which were even more outdated, would still work, even as the triple-vaxxed rack up greater infection rates.

As such, what will it take to finally start investigating the correlation between the shots and some form of viral enhancement? Everyone knows that the testing ground for the vaccines is Israel. Ninety percent of the people there are double-vaxxed, 80% are triple-vaxxed, and unlike in any other country, 500,000 people are quadruple-vaxxed. So how are they doing? Israel now has more recorded cases so far in January than all of 2021 combined. Even if the country ramped up its testing rates, we should not be seeing such results. The Israelis now have the highest per capita infection rate in the world. The country with the most vaccines is the country with the most cases. Compare theses results to low-vaccinated South Africa:

Israel does test at a high rate, but so does India, which has a much lower vaccination rate:

What is particularly disturbing is that Israel also has a pretty high rate of ICU admissions for something as mild as Omicron. Israel’s COVID ICU admission rate per 1 million people is now higher than during the winter 2021 peak, which was during a more virulent strain and with very few people vaccinated. Here is a comparison to the U.K. and Denmark, two countries that experienced a prolific Omicron wave this month:

No wonder Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla admitted to CNBC that the shots seem “to produce not very durable immune protection so it’s going to be coming again and again.” But what we are seeing from the canary in the coal mine country is not just a lack of durability, but a clear warning of negative efficacy. Why is nobody demanding a suspension of all the shots until a full investigation is made to see if this is causing ADE, as Fauci himself cautioned Mark Zuckerberg during a March 2020 interview?

Now consider the fact that after everything we know about the safety and efficacy of these shots, and clearly everything we know Fauci himself understands about imperfect vaccines, he is nonetheless pushing this shot on babies and toddlers – three doses’ worth!

Two years into this circuitous cycle of failure, it’s time for the very people complaining about the failure to stop wagging their fingers, ascribing blame, and dictating the next failed course of action. It’s time for them to look in the mirror.

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