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Horowitz: Lockdowns and vaccines have failed nursing home residents. Proactive treatment is the answer.
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Horowitz: Lockdowns and vaccines have failed nursing home residents. Proactive treatment is the answer.

The entire purpose of the stunningly rushed shots was to protect the frail, elderly, and immunocompromised. Yet they are precisely the ones for whom the vaccine has failed – to the point that the CDC is now pushing a fourth shot of the same failed concoction even as the virus has already changed. Nineteen months into this pandemic, we are still locking down nursing home patients, inducing atrophy, aggravating dementia and heartbreak, depleting their vitamin D levels, and offering them no real solutions to the virus either.

Watch carefully and you will see that, for the most part, nursing home residents have disappeared from the news cycle. It's not because they are no longer dying of the virus. In fact, they are dying from the virus and likely from the lockdowns and the shots as well. It's now clear that the shots are only causing harm and are not saving these residents, as evidenced by the fact that lockdowns still continue.

Wisconsin media is reporting that nursing home deaths have doubled this month in the state despite near-universal vaccination rates. They, of course, blame the staff for not having quite as high a vaccination rate, but their deflection misses the point. If the vaccines work, then it shouldn't matter who else gets them. They are now pushing the Pfizer boosters, even though all the Wisconsin nursing home residents initially got the Moderna vaccine because, you know, "mix and match" is just so "sciencey."

Nationwide, nursing home deaths have increased more than six-fold from July through September, according to the AAPR's dashboard. Although the numbers are still nowhere near where they were at the beginning of the pandemic, that is likely because a large percentage of them already got the virus and acquired more robust natural immunity, which the injection worshipers dogmatically deny. But among those who have not acquired immunity, they face a likely harrowing winter wave.

What's the solution from the medical establishment? Continued endless boosters that come at a great risk to seniors, while still locking them down. The CDC is now recommending a fourth shot for anyone above 18 if they are "moderately to severely immunocompromised" and regardless of whether they initially got the vaccine series from Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson.

This raises the following questions:

  • If the vaccines are not working for those who need them the most, why are we continuing them, especially as the virus keeps changing, possibly because of the immune pressure placed on them by suboptimal antibodies from the shots?
  • Why is there no concern that these individuals will die even quicker from the atrophy, lockdown, and heartbreak (even after getting the shots)?
  • Why is there no concern that the shots themselves are killing frail seniors? We all assume that the shots are definitely worth the risk given the high risk of COVID for that population, but if they are not working anyway, isn't it time we investigate how many of them are dying from the shots? One study conducted by the Norwegian Medicines Agency, which examined the first 100 nursing home patients to subsequently die after having gotten the Pfizer shots, found a causal link between the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine and death to be "likely" in 10 of the 100 cases, "possible" in 26 cases, and "unlikely" in in only 59 of the cases. CMS Medicare data points to a much greater death toll among seniors than is being reported to the CDC's VAERS. And remember, a large percentage likely have natural immunity. Why are they not being tested for antibodies or T cells before they take the risky and quite ineffective jab?
  • Why is there no concern that these residents will die during the immediate aftermath of the shot, when people are actually the most vulnerable to COVID because the shots suppress your immune system for a few weeks before ramping up the antibodies?

The absurdity of our nursing home strategy is borne out in a letter obtained by TheBlaze from a nursing home in northern Indiana. A staff email announced that 20 of the 22 residents and staff who tested positive last week were vaccinated (and likely all the residents). So, what's the solution? Rather than announcing a plan to get all the elderly on a preventive regimen of vitamins, supplements, and ivermectin, they say they "will be keeping residents in their rooms as much as we possibly can" and promote an aggressive campaign for boosters of an outdated concoction that no longer works!

Imagine if we simply give these residents the fast-acting active form of vitamin D known as calcifediol, which can boost their D levels from close to zero to over 50 within hours. Studies have shown that one is 14 times more likely to die from COVID with vitamin D deficiency and almost never dies with a level over 50 ng/ml. Imagine if we simply have them use preventive ivermectin twice a week. Studies show most wouldn't even get the virus, and if they do it would be mild. By now, there should have been COVID doctors in every nursing home to immediately treat anyone with symptoms on day one.

Just using fluvoxamine alone reduced hospitalizations by 66% and deaths by 91% in a recent study. Patriot doctors have been using several cheap therapeutics like this for a year and a half and could have saved hundreds of thousands of people had their success been embraced rather than censored. A forthcoming study by Dr. Thomas Borody, regarded by many in the gastroenterology field as one of the world's leading GI doctors, will show that a 10-day regiment of ivermectin 24mg/day, doxycycline 100mg BID, and zinc 50mg per day reduced hospitalizations by 92% and deaths by 100%.

At some point, these questions need to be answered. We can't take people who often only have one to three years left to their lives and essentially kill them with atrophy and heartbreak from lockdowns and inject them with risky shots that likely kill some of them and accelerate their deaths without providing more than a few months of benefit – if that. A handful of pills per week could solve the issue. But perhaps we are trying to solve a very different issue than the medical establishment is.

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