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Horowitz: The problem with the GOP legislative agenda
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Horowitz: The problem with the GOP legislative agenda

So, you’ve been locked out of power completely for two years, and specifically in the House of Representatives for four years. What are your first-priority bills out of the gate to respond to what has occurred under Biden and the Great Reset?

Well, for starters, the world was destroyed under the COVID regime. You’d expect Republicans to address that in their first act, right? At least their second or third priority?

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise released a list of the first 11 bills and resolutions scheduled for the floor vote, and you’d think COVID fascism – the seminal issue of our time – never occurred. Not only is there no mention of the vaccines or terminating pharma’s immunity to liability, but no legislation even on the consensus issues of masks and lockdowns.

In a sane world, the first bill, “H.R. 1,” would involve Congress reasserting legislative authority and banning all emergency public health declarations beyond seven days unless Congress passes the measures. After all, this is not the 1800s anymore, and Congress can convene at any moment. It’s precisely the most impactful decisions of our country that require congressional buy-in, not governance by administrative fiat. The bill would ban the CDC from ever requiring shots, masks, or social distancing and from recommending shutting down schools.

Have we learned nothing from the past few years? How is this not on the agenda? I’ve offered dozens of ideas that red states must implement and that should be implemented on the federal level, beginning with ending the Prep Act and liability exemption for pharmaceutical companies.

But if you look at the GOP agenda in general, all the items are designed to be nuanced and very specific in order to elicit a “gotcha” talking point against Democrats rather than to usher in civilization-changing ideas.

Let’s be honest: With Republicans giving up their budget leverage until later in the year, all they are left with are “messaging bills” that won’t go beyond passage in the House. So the only purpose is to stimulate debate, change hearts and minds and culture, and motivate states to act on some of these items. The goal would also be to expose just how bad things are under the current system and demonstrate extremely bold contrast. Here are examples of bills that will plow new ground:

  • No indemnity from liability for greedy and criminal pharma companies and repeal of the Prep Act, which gives immunity to any pandemic-related decision or authorization.
  • No global warming regulations and green subsidies that lie at the heart of inflation, supply chain problems, and diminished quality of life.
  • No releasing anyone at our border; a complete ban on all benefits for illegal aliens.
  • Clarifying that states can enforce any immigration law and go beyond federal enforcement.
  • According states standing to sue in court when harmed by federal policies releasing illegal aliens.
  • An end to Chinese foreign student visas en masse.
  • Selling off federal lands to Western states so that the feds can’t lock up food, energy, and natural resource development.
  • No spying, surveilling, or monitoring any American with any agency program unless there is probable cause the individual committed a crime. This would include repeal of the Patriot Act. Any agent caught violating civil rights would be on the hook for a private cause of action in federal court.
  • A complete abolition of race education in the Department of Education.
  • A complete extirpation of any reference to, much less support for, castration throughout all federal agencies. Abolish all sexuality programs in the Department of Education.
  • An increase in mandatory minimums for violent felons caught illegally possessing a gun or using a gun thereafter in a crime, not just the small-ball crime bills they have planned.
  • Ban all woke, green, and biomedical policies in the military.
  • Audit not just Fauci’s NIAID, but also DARPA and BARDA and the entire biomedical security state.
  • Ban Biden’s executive order on transhumanist biotech, which calls for the “genetic engineering technologies and techniques to be able to write circuitry for cells and predictably program biology in the same way in which we write software and program computers.”
  • Pull out of the U.N., or at least the WHO and other onerous international agencies.
  • Abolish the TSA and revert back to private airport screening. This affects most Americans, and everyone hates the way they are treated. The tyranny began in airports.

There are countless more examples on critical issues of our time.

In other words, we need to be discussing categorical, big-picture demands that would help facilitate a broad debate on the anarcho-tyranny that has taken hold of the country under Biden. The messaging bills, because they have no chance of passing, must be oriented toward shifting the Overton window and plowing new ground on ideas. So yes, it’s great to vote on defunding the new IRS agents, but while you’re doing it, let’s sow new ideas like creating a legal defense fund for victims of IRS political targeting and then addressing the bigger fish: the FBI. One of the first bills should be barring all federal law enforcement agents from monitoring political opponents and creating a private cause of action in court against the specific agents caught engaging in those activities.

For example, whistleblower FBI agent Steve Friend told members of Congress that the FBI is targeting people who weren’t even at the Capitol just because of their political activities and statements. We need legislation that goes big, not because any of this will be enacted now, but because it accentuates the magnitude of the tyrannical government.

As for illegal immigration, all benefits to illegal aliens should be banned, and all catch-and-release should be prohibited, again, with a cause of action for states to sue DHS for violations. Instead, they have a random bill scheduled forcing the DOJ to notify ICE when an illegal alien attempts to buy a gun and is pinged in NICS. Great idea and great talking point to get Democrats on record as against it, but that bill is good as a side dish, not the main course. The main course is that the American people should not be on the hook for an invasion, and those perpetrating it must be liable for civil and criminal penalties. Go big or go home.

On energy, Republicans are planning a pair of bills preventing Biden from drawing down the Strategic Petroleum Reserves and selling the petroleum to China. We obviously all support these ideas, but again, they are nuanced “one-off” ideas to embarrass Biden, not to address the root of our regression in energy, food, and vital goods and services, along with supply chain shortages and inflation. Instead, they should be offering a more categorical bill ending all global warming mandates and subsidies that diminish our quality of life, make vital goods expensive and scarce, and ensure that our products and appliances don’t work.

Republicans have a resolution prepared to declare their appreciation for law enforcement. Nice touch, but that will not move civilization. How about a resolution expressing the sense of Congress that every American has the right to refuse any medical procedure, treatment, injection, device, vaccine, or prophylactic on or in his body and that mask and vaccine mandates violate the most fundamental rights of bodily autonomy?

Instead it’s all theater designed to give the Republican lapdogs on radio and Fox News endless fodder of “but the Democrats” and “Biden crime family” rather than demonstrating how we will actually make people’s lives better and change the corrupt system in reality. If running and governing purely as the anti-Democrat didn’t work in the 2022 political environment, it will never work any other time.

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