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Predictions for 2020: Just one year until Election Day. Here's how things are shaping up so far.
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Predictions for 2020: Just one year until Election Day. Here's how things are shaping up so far.

Can Trump repeat?

Sure, nailing Jell-O to the wall probably has more reason and science behind it, but we here at "The Steve Deace Show" still decided to celebrate the one-year pre-anniversary of Election 2020 by trying to predict what next year's state-by-state outcome will look like.

It's like one of those viral videos where a bunch of teenage guys film themselves on their own rooftop, before they light themselves on fire while on a roller skates, and then miss gloriously as they attempt to jump in a backyard pool only to land on a concrete slab like Wylie E. Coyote.

We're dudes. That's how we roll.

I gave the Midwest to Trump and thus the election to him in a route. My co-hosts Todd and Aaron went the opposite direction in the Midwest, but gave Trump enough key victories elsewhere for him to win narrowly.

And who knows, we may all change our mind tomorrow now that the Epstein rabbit hole got even weirder or based on whatever other nonsense reality feeds us in the coming months. Don't let us have all the fun, though. I asked my shadowing-banning buddy Zuckerberg over at Facebook to help me find out what “you, the people" think about the year to come.

Here's the gist from the “Dems will be dumbest last crowd":

  • “I agree with you Steve. I think there'll be lots of tossups but whoever wins is going to win by a landslide. Over on the daily wire (I think it was) they're speculating about a possible 400+ landslide win for Trump, based on the unpalatable craziness of the Dems resulting in turning out Trump's base rather than their own." —Erik Walker
  • “Nothing will surprise me under the big tent we call Washington DC. If pressed to answer I think Trump will win only because for some reason I believe in the American people and we won't go down the slippery slope of socialism. Perhaps only then the Democratic Party will figure out that they need to move to the center instead of running to the far left. What I can predict accurately is that most Americans will go into the booth, hold their nose and vote once again for someone they really don't want to vote for “but it's better than ... (fill in the blank)" —Carl Peterson
  • “Many Republicans abstained from voting in 2016. President Trump was unproven and rough around the edges. And while some things haven't changed the President seems to be for the American people and works hard to improve our economy which improves our way of life. Many of the naysayers are going to have a change of heart. Many life-long Democrats are also having a change of heart after witnessing some of the antics displayed by their party. Then there are those wild card voters that are going to vote their pocket book. Between these three factors I think President Trump will win another term. I just pray we can put together a drive that will give him the help he needs to really Make America Great Again!" —Danny Bell

Yet those aren't odds many others are prepared to swallow or even contemplate:

  • “The real Democrat candidate has not been revealed yet. DNC is not going to reveal them until right before the primaries start. None of the current candidates were ever intended to be the “one". This has all been a test run, as well as a way to make the real candidate look even better. I actually believe all the current candidates know the plan and are aware they are laying the groundwork for the intended candidate. I have ideas on who the real candidate is... maybe Hillary, more likely Michelle Obama... maybe someone else. But whoever it is, they will generate real excitement on the left and they will be made known at the last minute so as to give Trump as little time as possible to formulate a campaign against that specific person." —Lisa Hall
  • “Whoever gets the nomination as Democrats will win. Here's why I say that. First Trump has not gained anything in his base, but has lost some. Second, there are more younger generation voters. Third. I personally believe God has had enough and will allow the final judgement to begin. Hence the socialist will reign. Besides not much difference between R & D." —Regina Brown
  • “Even with as bad as the Democrats are, I don't see a path to victory for Donald Trump. The economy that his cult raves about is inflated fluff. The jobs metric is still relying on the phony metric set up by Obama. The only place where I see deep Trump support is in rural communities. Suburban and small city areas where I once saw Republican yard signs are silent. I've talked to people in those suburban areas and they are tired of this current climate. I don't think many of them will vote for Democrats, but they just want Trump gone. The left, on the other hand, is foaming at the mouth." —Matt Wells

Then there's the “Somebody will win but we all lose anyway" crowd:

  • “The summer of 2020 will be the Summer of Resistance and Riots. Divisions will rise, but more people will reject the insanity and forced compliance of the Left. The establishment Republicans will continue to reject the obvious desires of independent and Republican voters, and focus on frivolous issues." —Debra Rivera
  • "I think we will see more states have unknown final results that will lead to vote counting that drags on for months. Illegal voting will be rampant and or tampering by voting officials in states that were red last time but are more purple today." —Ryan Eide
  • “Chaotic election with Trump narrowly winning but getting nothing done. Electoral College will be in the cross hairs again. Ripple effects: both parties making big promises of personal level bail outs (student debt, medical related debt, subsidies, etc) in an effort to woo more people. Debt keeps on rising, social unrest and alienation become more the norm. The amount of distraction and false information ramps up, as well as the belief that only government can save us." —Emily Elliott Chilungu
  • “Honestly, more of a fear than a prediction, but: When Trump wins in 2020, the radical left will go insane, riot in the streets, and burn the country down." —Kelsi Dryer

That'll preach. This last group may have an Election 2020 map that looks much different from mine, but these are my people. Total depravity for the win.

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