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Progressives do not want real diversity. They want power and control.
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Progressives do not want real diversity. They want power and control.

Do not get in their way

Real diversity would obviously allow for genuine distinction. Because that's what diversity actually means, right? It's an ode to difference, or to the unique value of the other. When applied properly, this would lead to the best ideas winning out — for the betterment of us all.

How adorable.

That's what spirit of the age progressiveness has been saying all this time, but that's not what it really means. What they really mean by "diversity" is deviant boys running against and beating the girls yet again , all while the cowardly fathers of those girls apparently sit in the stands and watch it happen in the name of progress.

"Diversity" also means:

  • Wake Forest University's woke administration hosting no-whites-allowed faculty and staff meetings to promote — get this — inclusivity.
  • Banning a Catholic military veteran from selling apples at a city-owned farmers market because he won't host gay weddings on his own private property.
  • Even when you are slaughtered because of your Christian faith, you don't deserve to have that faith said out loud.
  • A Canadian court declaring a father was guilty of "family violence" against his 14-year-old daughter due to "expressions of rejection of [her] gender identity."
  • The Boston Marathon bomber getting a reboot from Democratic presidential hopefuls as the Boston Marathon voter.
  • Attempting to destroy an ag-based program — 4-H — in an ag-based state — Iowa — because it simply can't be convinced to dress itself up in drag fast enough.

That last story from my own back yard is living proof that when it comes to surviving this mess, the only way to win the game is not to play. Because within the Des Moines Register story that propagandizes the matter are ideas that claim to be on the same side of the "progress" equation but simply can't exist together in a coherent universe.

First, Sonny Ramaswamy, the former director of the federal government agency that oversees 4-H, basically said that a 100-year-old organization "does not reflect who America is" simply because it is old and thus is likely racist.

"By the nature of, you know, the 4-H Club situation, just the word 'club' to me implies that it's like the old country clubs, you know," Ramaswamy said. "It's only for white folks, and all of you black folks and colored folks and others, don't you dare come here."

In 4-H's case, they hired Frank Dunn-Young to work on Iowa-related diversity issues a few years back. Dunn-Young was charged with assisting an advisory council of Latino youth but grew jaded by the so-called "ugly conversations" that ensued.

What were those conversations?

Turns out the long-time 4-Hers didn't understand why the Hispanic members needed their own group to lecture them. Instead, they were just fine working together with whatever race that came along to achieve the common good, but it seemed as if that was being artificially hindered by an unnecessary separate-but-equal policy put in place by the self-identified victims themselves.

It's always "do as I say, not as I do" with this cult.

"I would not feel comfortable sending my own child to be part of that circle," Dunn-Young said. "As skilled as those kids were at speaking up for what they wanted, there was not the voice of understanding."

He means they were simply supposed to shut up and be assimilated. When that didn't happen, he quit and dropped some race bombs on 4-H like Ramaswamy did, but for the totally opposite reason. Dunn-Young said "It felt very, very much like I was fulfilling some sort of a quota for them and that, really, part of me being there helped somebody sleep at night."

So you are racist if your organization is old, and you are racist if your organization tries to modernize. See, if you try to think for yourself, or conserve anything tradition says is worthwhile, spirit of the age progressivism requires you to be racist no matter what.

Because for all of their fancy modern talk, they're really after the oldest of old-fashioned scams — power and control.

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