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Horowitz: Vaccine deliveries for COVID-19 being used to legitimize segregation
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Horowitz: Vaccine deliveries for COVID-19 being used to legitimize segregation

State and local governments are even prioritizing vaccination by race

Segregation is back.

I'm not sure what to make of the systemic racism with states openly creating segregationist policies for vaccine deliveries. Are they singling out blacks as more worthy of protection than whites or are they using blacks as their live experiments, as occurred in the 1930s? Either way, equal protection under the law is being shredded in the administration and delivery of vaccines.

Last month, the ABC affiliate in Toledo, Ohio reported the following shocking policy from the Lucas County, Ohio government: "Moving forward, 20% of all the vaccine allotment in Lucas County will be earmarked for people of color. Those vaccines will be made available at locations more easily accessible to underserved populations at pop-up sites within communities and even mobile units."

I remember in the 1990s learning in school for the first time about segregation and seeing the pictures of water fountains earmarked for "colored people." I thought we were long done with that policy (and nomenclature), but alas, here we are in 2021 and state and local governments across the government are segregating and even prioritizing vaccination by race.

Dayton, Ohio is now earmarking 25% of vaccines for "people of color" (whatever that means) and are hosting vaccination drives for "qualified" colored people only.

Last month, Ohio hosted town halls across the state about the vaccine literally segregating people by race. Reminiscent of the Deep South in the 1930s, here was the schedule posted by the state's health department:

Notice, how they not only segregate people by race, but decline to even mention white people – opting instead for the term "rural Ohioans."

Aside from the immoral and insane segregationist mindset of the vaccine distribution, it's also built upon a fallacy that blacks are somehow inherently more vulnerable to the virus. Overall, blacks have accounted for 12% of the COVID-19 deaths in Ohio. They are actually 13.1% of the population.

Isn't it fascinating and terrifying at the same time that COVID-19 can be used as a pretext by government to breach every moral, legal, scientific, and rational basis for a just governance under the ruse of "saving lives?" Evidently, they can use the virus to restore segregation as well.

Minnesota is another state where the health care establishment is touting "disparity" in vaccination rates, and therefore, is pursuing a blatantly biased targeting of blacks for vaccination to make up what they perceive as a racial gap.

"We're going to see through data [that] we are under-vaccinating communities of color," Gov. Tim Walz said. "This is an issue we're all going to have to work on."

Minnesota Public Radio then repeated the mantra that "people of color in Minnesota are more vulnerable to the worst impacts of COVID-19 due to a host of factors embedded in decades of economic and health-related systemic racism."

Again, the reality is that blacks only account for 5% of the deaths in Minnesota, even as they compose 7% of the state's population. It is true that seniors, who are much more vulnerable from the virus, are disproportionately non-black, but that is exactly why the virus rollout targeted seniors (of all color) rather than specific races (regardless of age).

The left, in their mind, believes it's better to focus on younger blacks than older whites because, in their warped view, some people's lives don't matter simply because of the color of their skin.

Yes, they are willing to sacrifice seniors and prioritize younger people because they are from the political class's chosen race. Unless, of course, they have other motivations in targeting blacks for the vaccine.

More generally, the government's response to COVID-19 has peeled off a dirty scab behind the political class of this country. The virus is now being used as an excuse to violate everything sacred in this country, in order to align with their sadistic post-modern view of the world in a way they could never have gotten away with prior to COVID-19. For example, Columbia University is using the opportunity of online graduation ceremonies to host six separate events specifically segregated by race and behavioral identity.

Liberals call themselves progressives but are really regressing to a dark period of our history.

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