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The progressive left wants to bully Mark Zuckerberg into submission — they don't really believe in free speech


Do not trust them with your freedoms

Photo by Aurora Samperio/NurPhoto via Getty Images

In many ways, I should be cheering for the public shaming of Facebook as its wonderbot creator and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, gets worked over by congressional inquiries concerning its business practices.

My Facebook likes haven't gone up in any significant way in years despite continually improved ratings for both my show and the Blaze TV network that hosts me. The only recourse has been to change my middle name to “Shadowban" and make peace with whatever scraps I'm given by my social media overlords.

But as Zuckerberg now gets blasted from the left (including a new op-ed in the New York Times by Aaron Sorkin) for letting too many “false" political ads on its site, I simply must put down my personal frustrations and call "Oh, hell no" on this one.

Because the whole notion of truth in advertising that concerns Zuckerberg's opponents is a predictable one-way street. Where Facebook even dares to remotely reside on the side of free speech and let everyone decide for themselves, Sorkin says it's time to make goose-stepping great again.

You know, like when his first episode of "The West Wing" put forth one of the most caricatured versions of a Christian political operative I have ever seen, thus causing me to never watch the show again.

Sorkin is a master of messaging through storytelling, and giving people the idea that free speech is a good thing isn't remotely part of the story he and other progressives want to tell. The trusty old propaganda machines that are the mainstream media don't have the currency they once did, though, to make fools of the average Joe's information download. And that trans-madness and Soviet agitprop click-bait ain't going to click themselves.

So time to get to work bullying people into submission on other fronts. This is just another version of "bake the cake, bigot."

Ironically, Sorkin's little temper tantrum comes just one day after former President Barack Obama lectured America about how, hey guys, maybe all this wokeness stuff has gone too far and we need to start loving our neighbor as our self a little more or something.

Yet these acts aren't in opposition to one another. In fact they come from the exact same spirit. The same darkness. Both are directing what is viewed as a tool of the ongoing dystopia to stay in their lane, bro.

In Facebook's case, they are only supposed to be supporting Fake News from the left, not about the left. And in the case of the almighty woke, it is only supposed to be weaponized against the right and not against those who already plan on voting Democrat a couple of times.

It's all from the idol-driven forked tongue that is desperate to consolidate a single thing for evermore: power.

I don't have much faith that Zuckerberg and company are strong enough to keep from drinking all of this Kool-Aid, when they clearly have developed a significant taste for some of it already. But if Facebook wants to be viewed in the end as something closer to what the Washington Post was to Watergate, rather than what the Washington Post recently was when calling the terrorist Baghdadi an “austere religious scholar," then he needs to stop drinking from that rancid trough this very minute.

Save yourself, Mark. Otherwise do not ask for whom the shadow ban tolls, for it tolls for thee.

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