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Warning: Pfizer wants to do for cancer what it did for COVID
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Warning: Pfizer wants to do for cancer what it did for COVID

As evidence piles up about the COVID vaccine’s harmful side-effects, an explosion of new cancer cases has the pharmaceutical giant eyeing a new profit source as it escapes accountability.

Last year, Steve Deace and I wrote a book amassing the evidence for 21st-century Nuremberg trialsof public officials who willingly promoted and mandated deadly biological products during the COVID-19 pandemic.Our case was strong even with what we knew at the time. The evidence that has come out since then makes that level of calamitous death and injury seem insignificant by comparison.

What if the deaths and injuries in the months immediately following the arrival of the COVID shots were just the opening act? A consensus has emerged that we’re in the midst of a cancer crisis. Pfizer itself is acknowledging it and seeks to capitalize on a cancer bomb for which the company may very well be partially responsible.

Until we start holding Republicans and Democrats bought out by special interests accountable, the arsonists will always be there to fight the new fire they started.

Aaron Hertzberg of TrialSite News has collected 36 case reports showing a potential correlation between an individual’s cancer diagnosis and being injected with one of the COVID shots. It’s hard to dismiss casualty in these cases because we now have a wealth of macro-epidemiological data that show an unmistakable link between a once-in-a-lifetime explosion of cancer and introduction of the vaccines.

Scientists in a host of publications have already identified multiple pathologies of how the vaccines either cause cancer or inhibit the body’s anti-tumor surveillance that protects us from cancer. In fact, the smoking gun is so obvious — but so taboo to acknowledge — that authors of one study published last month in the International Journal of Biological Macromolecules had to add a laughable caveat: “It is important to clarify here that mRNA vaccines do not cause cancer; but they could stimulate its development.”

From day one, Pfizer told us that genotoxicity and carcinogenicity studies of its mRNA shots were “not considered necessary.”Despite the tsunami of adverse events affecting every corner of the body and the revelation that the shots were contaminated with plasmid DNA and potentially access the nucleus of cells, they still have not done any such studies.

Now, we have the 2024 American Cancer Society report warning that colorectal cancer is the top cancer killer for men under 55. Doctors are reporting that colorectal tumors are more aggressive and more difficult to treat. As Dr. Pierre Kory noted, “Compared to pre-pandemic 2019, cancer deaths in 2023 rose strikingly in 15-to-44-year-olds: Uterine cancer, up 37%; colorectal, up 17%; liver, up 8%, and — suggestive of quickly growing disease — “unspecified” metastatic cancer, up 14%.”

Why would there be an explosion of sudden uncontrolled and untreatable cancers? We have a gene in our body known as P53 that helps block cancers and certainly keeps them at bay. Well, we now know that shots contain SV40, a cancer promoting protein, that binds directly to the P53 gene.

Between the SV40, uncontrolled spike proteins, modified nucleotides, and DNA contamination, scientists have identified multiple smoking guns that would explain the surge in aggressive cancers that is impossible to assign to chance.

Shockingly, Pfizer chairman and CEO Albert Bourla was invited on Fox Business a few weeks ago to brag that cancer is “our new COVID” and how the company plans to do to cancer what it did to COVID.

Well, aside from the shot causing an endless litany of death, disability, and injury, what exactly did Pfizer do to COVID? It turbo charged it — just like it appears to be doing with cancer!

Thanks to the work of Wouter Aukema in the Netherlands, as reported by British investigative journalist Sonia Elijah, we now have access to millions of adverse effect case reports in EudraVigilance, the European equivalent of VAERS. COVID-19 itself was listed as the most common side effect of the vaccines. This jives with numerous studies we reported on beginning in 2021 and 2022 showing that the more you inject, the more you infect.

The COVID shots seem to weaken the immune system and prime the system for more spike protein by using suboptimal antibody that creates evolutionary effects on the virus leading to what is known as “pathogenic priming” and “original antigenic sin.”

Several weeks ago, researchers at the Cleveland Clinic found that after monitoring 47,500 of its employees during the first part of 2024, there was a 46% greater risk of the vaccinated contracting COVID than the unvaccinated. They found “the more you inject, the more you infect” phenomenon playing out in the real world, as the risk increased with each successive dose. Those with three doses were 95% more likely to get infected than people who declined the shot. People with more than three doses were a whopping 151% more likely to get infected.

The authors concede this is one of many studies that show the same result, but, without evidence, they claim the shots still provide some short-term benefits even it if is undone in the long-term.

So, not only did the shots kill and main countless human beings, but they also perpetuated COVID to this day.

Yet, not only has the government declined to take the shots off the market and hold Pfizer accountable, the FDA is also greenlighting the company’s new, dangerous RSV shots and cancer treatments. Not a single drug regulator will even look at the cancer signals from the COVID shots as they approve Pfizer’s new RSV shots. The British Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency even admitted to Sonia Elijah las year that “there are currently no intentions to test the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA vaccine for the presence of fragmented DNA and SV40 enhancer."

There is a reason why Biden has obsessed with cancer during his past two State of the Union addresses and why Bourla is bragging about cancer treatments replicating his “success” with COVID. Until we start holding Republicans and Democrats bought out by special interests accountable, the arsonists will always be there to fight the new fire they started.

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