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48 hrs later, CNN gives 10 seconds to the REAL Russian scandal

Conservative Review

On Tuesday, The Hill reported that the “FBI uncovered [a] Russian bribery plot before [the] Obama administration approved [a] controversial nuclear deal with Moscow.”

The story seemingly vindicated President Trump’s insistence during the campaign that the Clinton Foundation received donations from Russia to influence then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s decision on whether to approve the purchase of 20 percent of the U.S. uranium supply by a Russian-controlled company.

In the over-48 hours since that story broke, CNN had not mentioned the story on a produced program. After President Trump tweeted and mentioned the story in a news conference, that ended just after 1:00 pm ET today. 

That was it. In a passing mention totaling about 10 seconds, Wolf Blitzer said the president calls the uranium story the real Russian scandal. Despite The Hill report, and follow-up reports by Circa, again in The Hill, and other – mostly conservative – outlets, CNN hadn’t given any coverage up to these 10 seconds.

The uranium story has a link to the current Russian election probe. Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor investigating so-called “Russian collusion,” was head of the FBI in 2009 and 2010 while the FBI investigation was underway.

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