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Abolish the Department of Education

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Free speech advocates have shown the American people time and time again how corrupt colleges and universities refuse to allow speech from those who do not share a leftist worldview. Early on in the Trump administration, a call was heard to pull federal funds from schools like Berkeley for violent protests in response to simple speech, but then it fizzled out.

Calling for more pay, teachers in Kentucky, Oklahoma, and other states are engaging in strikes.  A national walkout was organized across the nation, if not directly organized by then certainly encouraged by these unionized public workers, teaching children to rise up against their own nation’s constitution using their well-rehearsed chants and placards. The mob mentality that some of our nation’s schoolteachers are managing to teach our children is an outrage.

Curriculums in our high schools misstate or openly condemn our nation’s Founding based on anti-democratic lies and selective editing of history; we are indeed orchestrating the death of our nation by subjecting our children to public schooling.

Good teachers with solid American principles leave the profession due to the heightened political atmosphere, an outcome of Marxist worldview. It is foolish to believe that a federal bureaucracy that has been allowed to dictate curriculum to all of the nation’s schools, except of course the smart ones that refuse to take the funding, can be “good” or “bad” depending on which political party is in power in Washington D.C.

While public teacher unions have existed since the mid-1800s, since the inception of the Department of Education in 1980, the AFT and the NEA have given upwards of $100 million in political contributions, about 95 percent of which goes to Democrats. Yet in 1980, despite the creation of the Department of Education and the backing of these powerful unions, President Jimmy Carter lost to Ronald Reagan, who openly called for the abolition of the newly created department. In 2016, backing Hillary Clinton, both unions lost millions of dollars, with estimates that one in five AFT members voted Trump and as many as one in three NEA members did the same. How could this be, after Trump promised to dramatically scale back the Department of Education?

And by the way, when’s that happening?

A conflict within the unions erupted with the endorsement of Hillary Clinton, who has spent her life trying to cover up how radical she really is. It was not good enough for many teachers who believed an open communist like Bernie Sanders would have been the better choice. It most certainly would have been more consistent with how radical the Marxist agitators in the leadership of teachers unions have become.

But if all these factors aren’t good enough reasons to say bon voyage to the Dept. of Ed bureaucracy, let’s not forget the sickening reports of child sexual predators whose outrageous behavior is hardly even recognized as child abuse. Three reports in just four days in March tell the stories of female teachers having sex with their students.

  • Teacher allegedly performed oral sex on 13 year old student –Daily Mail
  • Female teacher, 37, admits having student’s baby after becoming his foster parent –New York Post
  • Arkansas teacher, 26, will not see jail time after having sex with four of her students, two on the same night –Daily Mail

That’s just the headlines of news reports from one week in March! What the hell is going on? There are literally hundreds if not thousands of these stories.

And what about all the kids suffering at the hands of their teachers and trusted authorities who are not believed when they speak out? In Colorado, a male teacher raped a 14-year-old girl, and not only was it not reported, she was made to hug her attacker as an act of “forgiveness.” What about the Larry Nassar rapes that occurred over 20 years at Michigan State University and the numerous times those girls were told, “He’s an Olympic doctor, he knows what he’s doing”?

I can hear the complaint from big-government advocates now, “What does all this have to do with the Department of Education?”

Here’s the problem: The nation’s taxpayers have zilch to say about any of this. No matter what egregious depravity schools and teachers engage in, we are always going to have to pay for it, so as American taxpayers we ought to be able to have some recourse.

Abolish the Department of Education. The safety of your children and the existence of this republic depends on it.

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