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'Abuse of power': Ken Starr breaks down Nancy Pelosi's destructive impeachment actions with Mark Levin

Conservative Review

Americans are getting a "nasty lesson in how not to do impeachment" from Washington Democrats, says former judge, solicitor general, and independent counsel Ken Starr.

Starr made the remarks on Sunday night's episode of "Life, Liberty & Levin" on Fox News with LevinTV host Mark Levin.

"It's an example of raw power being exercised, and the Constitution vests sole power in the House of Representatives," Starr elaborated.

He went on to explain that, in his view, Speaker Nancy Pelosi "seized power" that rightfully belonged to the whole House in the way she began the impeachment process. "She unilaterally, without a debate in the House ... she just said 'here it is,'" Starr said. "She exercised a quasi-monarchical power and, I think, imperiously seized the power of the House and said this is now an impeachment inquiry."

And by threatening to withhold the articles of impeachment from the Senate over concerns about the rules of a Senate trial, Starr later added, "she is intruding into the power of the Senate."

"It is the Senate that has the sole power to try impeachments, and now she wants to, I gather, condition the sending of the articles over," Starr told Levin.

Following the House's impeachment votes last week, Pelosi refused to commit to a timeline for sending the articles over to the Senate, saying, "So far we haven’t seen anything that looks fair to us."

Pelosi's latest actions are, Starr said, "a concession that the record was inadequate; it was inadequate to indict — so to speak — and I believe it's woefully inadequate to convict and remove the president from office in the Senate."

Later in the discussion, Starr also said that Pelosi's signals to the Senate over sending the impeachment articles violate the "basic, unwritten rule of comity" meant to exist between the two chambers. "She has no authority to do it."

"It's unthinkably and unpardonably intrusive," Starr concluded of Pelosi. "It's yet another, Mark, abuse of power, or an attempted abuse of power."


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