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An open letter to ESPN’s star race-baiter

Conservative Review

Dear Jemele Hill,

Allow me to interrupt you from taking a knee. At least I assume that’s what you are doing this week, given the high-profile story about a black man being killed with a gun. It was horrific, it was utterly needless, and something indeed must be done.

I hope you still believe that, even though the black man I’m talking about is a Las Vegas police officer — one of the victims of the largest mass shooting in American history. Because if you do, I hope you pay him the respect he deserves by going to bat for the cause he both lived and died for.

That cause is “protect and serve.”

Three of his brothers on the Las Vegas police force were also protecting and serving earlier this summer, when they ran into a Las Vegas casino based on a report of live fire. Two of those men were Hispanic and one of them was black, so surely you can take a knee for them as well, can’t you?

Those men had to assess quickly the hostile environment they were walking into and try to determine the nature of the threat they and the public might face. That’s when they saw a man who first attempted to hide before running from them.

That man was Michael Bennett, the professional football player for the Seattle Seahawks. And although he was apprehended by the police as a potential suspect, he was released and not charged with any crime once they peaceably verified his identity.

And how did Bennett return their courtesy?

By taking to the national stage, calming the waters of the NFL’s Colin Kaepernick controversy, and stating how grateful he was for the Las Vegas police department’s fairness and discretion in dealing with a scary situation that caused him to behave irrationally …

Just messing with you, Jemele.

You know what really happened. You milked it to the point of calling President Trump a racist on Twitter. Because Bennett, who is black, turned right around, after suffering zero consequences for his stupidity in that Las Vegas casino, and straight-up lied to the world about being a victim of police brutality — which the video footage proves never happened.

Now, the question for you, Jemele, is: Have you learned anything from that? How ironic that if Bennett had simply taken a knee in that casino and remained in place instead of adding to the chaos of the situation like a fool, none of this would have happened. But since he didn’t, it would seem you have more tweeting to do to salvage this.

I trust, in order to protect the integrity of the #TakeAKnee brand, that you will insist that Bennett publicly apologize for sullying both Black Lives Matter and the NFL as legitimate avenues of protest.

For this is simply too serious to allow one man to cry wolf about an incident that was caught on tape and bring ruin to a crusade you’ve been waging throughout your career. In which you pretend to cover sports by race-baiting for hefty compensation from the one percent.

In other words, you’re a hustler.

Still, as a hustler, you know, Jemele, that any successful hustle cannot be openly outed as such — lest the marks get wise to it and move on (or retaliate).

Thus, you must demand that Bennett be suspended because you believe the fight for
“justice” demands that the truth be followed wherever it leads. And I’m with you. I tend to default to respecting the police, but since they get to walk around with batons and guns, it simply isn’t a good idea to let them off the “trust but verify” hook when it comes to how they are doing their jobs. That’s why, unlike you, I waited until the video footage was released before pronouncing judgment.

Similarly, you wouldn’t let one black man’s lie linger unchallenged when it so obviously and maliciously sought to do harm to other men of color, whether they play football in the NFL or serve their community as police officers. I’ll bet you can hardly sit still as Bennett continues to take the field and kneel during the national anthem, knowing full well that to him it is all a cheap stunt.

But that’s not you, right, Jemele? So prove it to us. Call Bennett out for his scam — unless the game you’re running is a scam, too.


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