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Andy McCarthy tells Mark Levin the DOJ must have ‘accountability’

Conservative Review

On "Life, Liberty and Levin" Sunday evening, Andrew McCarthy and David Limbaugh joined LevinTV host Mark Levin to discuss further updates on the Russia probe.

Levin pointed out the certain facts known about the investigation: That there was a FISA warrant, that it was extended three times, that there was a dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Convention, and that there was a spy in the Trump campaign.

McCarthy, responding to the impulse of Congressman Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., to protect the FBI, said that though it is important to preserve the institutions of the Department of Justice and the FBI, they must “get accountability for what happened.”

“A number of people are concerned that maybe sunlight, the best disinfectant, isn’t the best disinfectant for this situation, because it will be too damaging to these institutions. I see it the other way, respectfully, I think we have to find out what happened,” he said.

McCarthy explained that in his experience, “counterintelligence agents are liable to take outrageous chances and measures that you wouldn’t expect criminal investigators to take, because they don’t expect their work is ever going to be checked."

“Meaning that they could pretty much do what they wanted to do, and never get caught,” Levin added.

McCarthy continued, “That’s when you get reckless about norms, like an incumbent administration not using these awesome powers to investigate its political opposition,” he said. “I think they got reckless about it because they believed they would never be found out. And [Devin] Nunes has been adamant that they will be found out.”


Limbaugh added that “not only were they confident that it would never be found out, they proactively tried to ensure that it wouldn’t be found out.”

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