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Baton Rouge cop shootings epitomize Obama’s failed legacy

Conservative Review

Here we are again mourning the deaths of three more police officers, this time in Baton Rouge, who were executed by the mass movement of inner city insurrection legitimized by the media and political class, starting with the president himself. Much like the real possibility of weekly Islamic terror attacks has become the new normal, so have attacks on police officers by domestic terrorists.   

One of Obama’s enduring legacies will be the collapse of law and order at three levels: 1) on an international level with the mass Muslim Brotherhood uprisings throughout the Middle East, leading to the proliferation of Islamic terrorism 2) the collapse of our sovereignty with the entrance and release of tens of thousands of dangerous criminal aliens into our communities and 3) the rise of domestic insurrection against the civil society under the cloak of battling the police, which has jeopardized law enforcement throughout the country and those they are supposed to protect.

And let there be no misunderstanding, this is not a conflict between the “Black Lives Matter” movement and the police; this is a war against the civil society itself. The cops are an easy scapegoat. They have no major lobby or constituency. They have no uniform and personal agenda or vendetta other than carrying out the law of their local governments duly elected by the people. It would be much easier for them to not enforce law and order. Who needs the headaches? Who needs the constant target on their backs? Who needs to be caught refereeing a riot in middle of the night with war-like risks and dangers but without the tools and rules of war?

This is the lesson of the Baltimore basket case. I’ve lived near the Baltimore City/Baltimore County border all my life and have never seen crime this bad, even during the pre-Giuliani era. After seeing fellow officers accused and charged with murder for doing basic police work, city cops have simply made the decision that it is easier to not do their jobs than risk being punished for doing so. Baltimore experienced the sharpest increase in murders per capita of any city in 2015. Even in the middle class neighborhoods, there are endless burglaries, often at night. A man was stabbed in his home at night during a home invasion about a mile from me last month. It is a well-known secret in the area that if a crime occurs on the city side of the border, the Baltimore police will often give the case over to the county cops because they know city cops are de facto prohibited from taking action.

Thus, what some in the media believe is a conflict with cops is ultimately a conflict with the broader society officers are charged to protect. As targeted murder of police becomes the new normal, so too does rising crime in major metropolitan areas.

This is all rooted in a lack of moral clarity. Out of hundreds of thousands of law enforcement operations every day, one can always find a YouTube video of a handful of incidents in which the cops made questionable moves or where one individual officer downright buckled under pressure and wrongly shot a suspect. Buoyed by social media and an already-existing anarchist-minded political party, movement, and media, it’s easy to portray this as a systemic problem – part of an agenda to just randomly kill people, particularly blacks. It has led to a phony narrative, even from many Republicans, to promote “criminal justice reform” as if there is a valid premise of an out-of-control police culture in the country. Paul Ryan recently set up a Congressional panel to study the problems between cops and black citizens, implying there is some inherent problem with police across the country.  

In reality, the root of the problem is an out-of-control society particularly in inner cities that has led to a culture of violence. Sure, under increasing stress from protecting the broader society from this violence, one can find individual cops who make mistakes in reacting to the problem. But they are not the source of the problem.

There is no moral equivalence here.  The moral relativists are always determined to manufacture two morally equal sides in a conflict and often repeat the empty mantra of “both sides need to stop the cycle of violence.”. This is the same nonsense we hear between Israel and the Palestinian terrorists. Sure, moral relativists will always have an incident or two or a YouTube clip or two at the ready to show an Israeli genuinely doing something wrong in reaction to the systemic terror. But for every one of those incidents there are dozens more in which Israelis act excessively restrained and endanger their society in order not to pursue the terrorists with vigor. Moreover, these individuals are not the source of the problem, even if one disagrees with their reaction or tactics at a given moment. As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu likes to say, as a way of cutting through the man-made moral fog, “if Palestinians were to lay down their guns tomorrow, there would be no war. If Israel were to lay down theirs, there would be no Israel.”

The same truism applies domestically between the cops and predominantly young black male criminals. For every instance in which a cop is found to use excessive or inexcusable force, there are countless cases where they endanger themselves and others by declining to use force, particularly with black suspects because they are scared of the blow back. For every young black male that some might feel is sitting in prison for too long, there are countless others that are never caught or never convicted. The source of the problem is the leadership and values in these communities, not the reaction to it. If people were to look inward as a community and reform their entire lifestyle, there would be safety and security in our cities, and most importantly, in their own neighborhoods. If the cops just decided to lay down their weapons … well … America would look just like Baltimore. And unfortunately, with Obama downright validating the civil insurrection that places cops in untenable situations, we might not have to wait too long for that to happen.

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