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Can we drop the charade that Jen Rubin is a conservative?

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Constitutional conservatives have known for some time that the Washington Post’s “conservative” Jennifer Rubin is a Beltway progressive. Over the past week, she has offered some of the most concrete proof to date supporting that argument. It is past time for the Post to end the charade.

Just last week Rubin came out against tax cuts, supported a judge striking down Texas’ bid to end sanctuary cities, attacked small-government conservatives in the wake of Harvey, and much more. It’s almost as if the Post has hired a former left coast attorney to act as a conservative to undermine conservative principles. But the Post brass would never do that, would they?

Here’s some of what the fauxservative Rubin has pontificated about this week.

Harvey hot takes

On Monday, while lives were still in danger and a citizen navy was rescuing people, Rubin went on the attack against … The Freedom Caucus. No, really, she did.

The Freedom Caucus, like-minded GOP senators and right-wing Beltway groups see government as the enemy — all public spending as suspect, all tax cuts positive, all deregulation good — with little nuance or understanding of the essential role government can play in the lives of not only the most vulnerable but also the middle-class people they might actually know …

… When something like Harvey comes along, however, the light ever so briefly goes on (sometimes) for the anti-government types. Suffering is visible, the need impossible to ignore. And when the tragedy is in deep-red Texas, not deep-blue New Jersey or New Orleans, suddenly the wonders of government become clear to them. (Then-Rep. Mick Mulvaney, who now heads the Office of Management and Budget, opposed a large Sandy relief package without offsets, while both Texas senators tried to block the Sandy relief bill on the grounds that it was extraneous spending.) The crew that cheered Trump’s proposed 11 percent cut to FEMA (government is bad!) will support billions of dollars in Harvey relief (my people are suffering!).

Empathy requires one to put oneself in others’ shoes — to understand their needs and concerns that do not affect you. That seems to be beyond their abilities. It seems the essence of their philosophy boils down to: Government is good only when it’s abusing people you don’t like and when it’s helping your own.

With “conservatives” like Rubin writing this, is it any wonder that a Politico cartoonist couldn’t see that his despicable cartoon —portraying in one repulsive image exactly what Rubin wrote — was completely out of line? It is well documented that Rubin has a visceral hatred for core constitutionally conservative principles. Like her fellow progressive Rahm Emmanuel, Rubin wasn’t about to “let a crisis go to waste.”

In the same week, Rubin attacked President Trump for standing “on the sidelines” and for being too active in going to Texas during the hurricane. Trump Derangement Syndrome is one hell of a drug.

The progressive line on taxation

In another attack on Trump, Rubin undercut conservative orthodoxy on taxation. The idea that tax cuts spur the economy and lead to increased revenue has been proven time and time again. Yet Rubin, in an attack on Trump and conservative principles, writes:

In conceding his economic plans are almost entirely based on tax reform (“The foundation of our job creation agenda is to fundamentally reform our tax code for the first time in more than 30 years”) he revealed how thin and antiquated is the GOP’s economic agenda. Truth be told, Republicans haven’t had new ideas since the 1980s so they keep pulling the old tax cut playbook off the shelf, ignoring the huge differences between the economy in 1980 and the economy of today (e.g., growing income inequality, adaption to a globalized economy, a mismatch between workers skills and available work, declining productivity). They continue to ignore a growing body of research that suggests tax cuts don’t necessarily produce growth. (We know they do not pay for themselves.) With unemployment at 4.3 percent and second quarter gross domestic product growth adjusted to 3 percent, what is the justification for a big tax cut? They don’t ever make the case; they simply assume the need for huge tax cuts is self-evident.

How much more proof does one need that Rubin is in fact not a conservative? She is a Big Government progressive masquerading.

Pro-illegal immigrant views

Rubin pushes the progressive fantasy that being against illegal immigration is being “anti-immigrant.” Her most passionate vitriol of the week came in the defense of a court ruling against a Texas law aimed at ending sanctuary cities in the state.

Rubin uses the language of the Left throughout this piece, including casting the Trump administration’s attempts to root out sanctuary cities as an effort to “bully local officials.”

Jennifer Rubin is not a conservative, and the Washington Post’s charade of promoting her as one undermines the conservative movement. But then again, they probably know that.

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