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Candidate Patrick Morrissey comes out swinging for Sen. Joe Manchin over Kavanaugh ‘obstruction’

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Fresh off the energy boost from a campaign rally with President Trump, West Virginia Attorney General and GOP Senate candidate Patrick Morrissey came out swinging against his Democratic opponent, Sen. Joe Manchin, R-W.V., Monday morning.

“President Trump knows there’s a key difference between the candidates in this race,” Morrisey said in an appearance on Fox News. “I’m the conservative fighter who will advance the Trump jobs agenda, and Joe Manchin is just another Washington liberal — part of the obstruction caucus that we saw in the Senate last week.”

Manchin was reportedly part of the bloc of Senators who forced Senate leadership to delay a vote on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh to allow for a supplemental FBI probe into the sexual misconduct allegations against him.

Morrissey may have been behind in the polls so far in this race, but that’s because “Joe Manchin and his liberal buddies” like Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and “all the radical coastal elites” spent a lot of money earlier in the race, he told Fox’s Bill Hemmer.

The GOP contender also hammered home what’s really at stake for Republican voters in the upcoming midterm elections and whose agenda Manchin would ultimately serve: “This is a referendum on the Trump agenda, my record, and Joe Manchin, who sides with the liberals and the radicals that really are tearing us apart in Washington.”

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