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Chuck Schumer embraces conspiracy theory with despicable attacks on Trump

Conservative Review

Following President Donald Trump's meeting with Russian President (and thug) Vladimir Putin, Democratic Senate minority leader (and chief demagogue) Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., legitimized a conspiracy theory in a Twitter rant responding to Trump.

Schumer began by declaring that Trump has supported Putin in a way that is unprecedented. He blasted Trump for calling the Mueller probe a "witch hunt" while standing next to Putin on a international stage and accused the president of putting the interests of Russia ahead of America.

He concluded by suggesting that the Russians must have "damaging information" about Trump that they're holding over his head and using to influence U.S. policy.

This is irrational, insane, irresponsible, irritating idiocy on Schumer's part.

Where has the Trump administration prioritized Russian interests ahead of American interests? It is indisputable fact that the Trump administration's policy toward Russia is far more tough than President Obama's policies. Trump has increased sanctions, closed the Russian diplomatic properties in New York City, San Francisco, and Washington D.C., closed the Russian consulate in Seattle, expelled Russian diplomats from the U.S., and approved arms sales to Ukraine.

None of this is pro-Putin policy. If the Russians actually had "damaging information" about president Trump, why wouldn't they blackmail the president into supporting pro-Russia policies?

Schumer is pushing a conspiracy theory that has no basis in fact and no evidence whatsoever, and he's doing it to manipulate the American people and create a miasma of hysteria to gin up Democratic base energy ahead of the midterm elections.

That's despicable, but that's what demagogues do.

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