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Civility? The BRAZEN hypocrisy of Sally 'Killing Spree' Kohn

Civility? The BRAZEN hypocrisy of Sally 'Killing Spree' Kohn

Old habits die hard. After calling for civility in political dialogue, it only took Sally Kohn two weeks to fall back into accusing Republicans of wanting to kill people and incite violence.

In a recent tweet, she insinuated that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., is a serial murderer for trying to pass an Obamacare replacement plan.

Following that tweet, Kohn launched into a Twitter tirade against Dana Loesch Wednesday, accusing Loesch of attempting to incite violence. Loesch appeared in an NRA video displaying footage of violent Antifa riots and said that the only way to push back against the Left’s normalization of violence is to “fight back with the clenched fist of truth,” which Kohn construed to mean gun ownership. Twitchy reported the Twitter exchange.

The biggest takeaway from Kohn’s behavior is not how she twisted Loesch’s words. It’s Kohn’s rank hypocrisy.

Appearing on CNN with CRTV host Steve Deace after James T. Hodgkinson attempted to assassinate several members of Congress, Kohn and Deace agreed that the political dialogue in America has become too divisive and uncivil and that it has contributed to pushing people like Hodgkinson over the edge.

“When we are hostile, and aggressive, and uncivil, it actually encourages people to then repeat that in face-to-face communications and obviously in hand-to-hand communications as well in ways that are destructive,” Kohn said.

My appearance on CNN's Reliable Sources about the 'black market' on political discourse.

Posted by Steve Deace on Monday, June 19, 2017

Deace made the point that people on the Left and on the Right can have passionate disagreements and arguments over ideas, but personal attacks cross a line. To which Kohn responded, “You’re exactly right, Steve, we can have heated conversations without attacking, demeaning, dehumanizing each other. We need to do that more.”

Two weeks later, Kohn failed to practice what she preached. Instead of debating the GOP’s ideas on health care reform, Kohn opted to accuse Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., of going on a “killing spree.” Instead of addressing how Antifa leftists openly embrace violence, Kohn wants to smear Dana Loesch and the NRA by claiming they’re “demonizing” protest as violence.

It’s difficult to take calls for civility from the Left seriously when progressives are such hypocrites.

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