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CNN doxxes elderly woman, claiming she 'unwittingly' helped Russians during election

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CNN is following the trail of so-called Russian collusion by Americans — this time, straight to the doorstep of an elderly woman in Florida. The network sent a reporter to badger her about supporting and promoting an event it claims was organized by Russians on Facebook. Here's the irony: This is something CNN itself did with an anti-Trump rally attended by an estimated 10,000 people after the election.

Here is the segment where a hostile reporter berates the elderly Trump supporter.

Here's what CNN is trying to get at: Supposedly a Facebook group called "Being Patriotic" organized some sort of pro-Trump event during the election. The woman being interviewed shared that post. For that, CNN sent reporter Drew Griffin to her house, outed her, and shamed her for basically colluding with Russians. The whole affair is disgusting.

Merriam-Webster defines dox as "to publicly identify or publish private information about (someone) especially as a form of punishment or revenge." That is exactly what CNN did here. This elderly woman shared a post on Facebook. For that crime, the network decided to send a reporter to her house, broadcast her name to their viewers, and broadcast identifying features of her home.

All because she promoted and attended a rally organized by Russians — something that, according to multiple news stories including this one from CNS News, CNN itself has done.

CNN’s constant coverage also described the protest in glowing terms, calling it “the most organized protest that I’ve seen happen here in New York City, and that’s good news,” and a rally delivering “messages about stopping the hate.”

CNN reported that the rally was organized by an idealist 20-year-old student from a nearby university.

But, as Newsbusters notes, the rally was actually sponsored by Russian operatives seeking to turn Americans against one another in the wake of the election.

Where's the CNN reporter interviewing the CNN producer for falling for a Russian-organized anti-Trump rally?

The woman told CNN's reporter, Drew Griffin, that the people who attended the rally "were at my meetings. They were all Trump supporters. Okay." The Daily Caller reported that around a dozen people attended the rally, according to pictures on the Team Trump Broward Facebook group page.

Around a dozen people attended the rally CNN sent a reporter to Florida to uncover. An estimated 10,000 people attended the rally organized by Russians that CNN promoted.

As Judical Watch's Jerry Dunleavy IV showed on Twitter, this elderly woman has been beset by trolls attacking her on her Facebook page. It's vile.

In going after an elderly woman who shared something once on Facebook, CNN is channeling Saul Alinksy and his "Rules for Radicals." This woman easily could have been your elderly grandmother, aunt, or even your own mother. Think about that.

This isn't news. This is building a narrative and bullying people who disagree with you. In short, it's disgusting.

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