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CNN's laughable attempt to mitigate the Susan Rice bombshell

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The sun rose in the east, and the mainstream media protected leftists. Those two things happen with absolute certainty every day. This time, the leftist being protected by the media was once again Barack Obama —more specifically, his former national security adviser, Susan Rice.

After it was revealed that Rice, almost continuously, asked for the names of Trump associates to be unmasked — un-redacted — in intelligence intercepts, the MSM started running air cover. None more so than CNN. The way CNN acts would be laughable, if it weren’t so sad.

Early Monday, April 3, 2017, reports started breaking that Rice “sought the names of Trump associates” that had been redacted in transcripts of foreign communications intercepts. This is important for three reasons.

First, we learned who was asking for the names to be unmasked, which leads us closer to finding who, as Intel Committee member Devin Nunes said, “widely distributed” the communications within the Obama administration. Second, finding the person who asked for the information to be unmasked gets us closer to who leaked the contents of the intercepts to the media, which is a felony. Finally, Rice said she knew nothing about the intercepts just a few weeks ago.

So, we have a new piece to a very fluid story. But that’s not what CNN thinks. Here’s what CNN’s “Chief National Security Correspondent” Jim Sciutto had to say:

Sciutto said that there’s nothing “unusual” about asking for a name to be unmasked. He went on to say you can’t make the leap that Susan Rice did anything nefarious after unmasking.  He used the words “Republicans” and “Democrats” when referring to intelligence officials, to make it seem like there was nothing here. 

There’s a big problem here, though, that CNN didn’t want you to know. Jim Sciutto was an Obama foreign affairs political appointee. Fox News contributor Richard Grenell covered CNN’s odd hiring and announcement at the time, in 2013:

In fact, the original announcement from CNN bizarrely only mentioned Sciutto’s relationship with the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, not his political appointment. In the last paragraph of the CNN press release, Sam Feist, CNN’s Washington Bureau Chief says, “Most recently, Sciutto served as chief of staff and senior advisor to the U.S. Ambassador to China, Gary Locke.” The release doesn’t even mention President Obama.

Ironically, when Sciutto was first hired by the Obama administration, he told TV Newser he would be intimately involved in U.S. foreign policy issues, “It’s a chance to be inside the premiere superpower relationship of our time… I’ll see how foreign policy is made and help execute it. We often don’t get that chance as journalists to get that view from the inside. It was too unique and too special to turn down.” Sciutto went on to say that he sought advice on becoming a political insider from George Stephanopoulos.

That’s right — Sciutto, formerly of ABC News, was a political appointee of the Obama administration. He was not a career foreign service official. That is information that viewers should know when tuning in to CNN.

You’ll remember there was an uproar when former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was hired at CNN. People in the media were incensed that CNN wasn’t disclosing on every appearance that Lewandowski was Trump’s campaign manager and was receiving severance. It is very telling that those same voices aren’t clamoring for a CNN disclosure here.

But it isn’t just Sciutto running cover for Rice; it is seemingly the entire network. Later in the evening, host Don Lemon straight up said he wasn’t going to cover the news fairly, saying he wouldn’t “’aid and abet the people’ pushing Susan Rice ‘diversion,’” according to Mediaite. Here’s the full Lemon segment, in all its propagandish glory.

If this had been George W. Bush’s national security adviser who asked that Barack Obama campaign aides’ names be unmasked, then widely distributed throughout the government, CNN and others in the MSM cabal would be calling for that person’s head (as they should). But that it is the Obama administration, and that such revelations go against their eight-year narrative of a “scandal-free” Obama, means they run cover.

Remember, Richard Nixon sent a bunch of guys to break into an office; he didn’t use the full power of the intelligence community to learn information about his political rivals. If these Susan Rice allegations are true, coupled with what Rep. Nunes said a couple weeks ago, the Obama administration is guilty. That the MSM cannot see that story through their myopic lens is very troubling indeed.

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