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Conservatives must repeal and replace phony Republicans in 2018

Conservative Review

It has become apparent that having Republicans control all three branches of government is worthless. Unless Congress is controlled by Republicans who hold republican ideals, all the effort to elect them simply goes into a black hole. The historic and unprecedented betrayal on repealing Obamacare, the most foundational Republican promise of our time, should be the final wake-up call.

The question for conservatives is whether we will continue to sleep through the upcoming primaries as if nothing happened. Will we grin and bear the acts of political adultery or will we demand a divorce? What is it going to take for conservatives to finally realize that 80 percent of this party doesn’t share our values and never will?

Time and again, like battered wives, conservatives come back to the plantation and not only vote for these perfidious progressives in the general election but even in the primaries. There’s almost nothing they can do to throw us off the plantation.

Headed into next year, eight Republican senators are up for reelection, and all but one hails from a red state:

Jeff Flake – Arizona
Roger Wicker – Mississippi
Deb Fischer – Nebraska
Dean Heller – Nevada
Bob Corker – Tennessee
Ted Cruz – Texas
Orrin Hatch – Utah
John Barrasso – Wyoming

Ask yourself the following question: how many of these Republicans deserve to be re-nominated? How many represent the GOP platform? How many have lifted a finger to fight for conservatives on a single major issue? How many support a modicum of free-market health care or sovereign borders and reasonable immigration policies? How many support reforming the courts so that control of Congress and the White House mean something, or anything at all?

I suspect all of you will come up with the same number.

The 2018 midterm elections might seem far away, but with primaries at least several months before the general election, now is the time to recruit candidates.

In addition, besides a few dozen House members, very few of the 241 House Republicans deserve to be reelected.

Why is it that only a few Republicans can even speak to our natural right to free-market health care or stand up for even partial repeal of Obamacare? There is nothing moderate, centrist, or even mildly liberal about supporting Obamacare – on top of the $1 trillion in existing federal health care spending – especially when the market destruction is unmistakably apparent before our own eyes. Yet, besides four Senate Republicans, not a single other member will even raise concerns over the GOP adopting 100 percent of the Democrat philosophy on the most foundational fiscal, economic, and budgetary issue of our time.

As I’ve noted before, ideally we should work within the state parties to transform the primaries into Utah-model conventions. These conventions are, by and large, dominated by activists who know the truth about what the candidates stand for and are immune to their lying ads sponsored by health care industry lobbyists. But even absent that, there is no reason all of those up for re-election this cycle who ran on repealing Obamacare “root and branch” should be able to win their primaries again. Nothing has changed politically, policy-wise, or process-wise since they made their promises to fully repeal Obamacare. If anything, the rationale for repealing Obamacare has only gotten stronger and easier to convey, given that there are no insurers left and given that only 16 percent of the enrollments under Obamacare were for private plans.

Sadly, conservatives are out of power, and there’s nothing we can do now to repeal Obamacare. But there is nothing stopping us from repealing and replacing every one of these liars – root and branch.

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