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Courtney Love torches 'anti-Semite' fraud Linda Sarsour. Really!

Conservative Review

Courtney Love has finally said out loud what everyone is thinking about liberal anti-Israel activist (and Sharia law advocate) Linda Sarsour. And the fury unleashed at her is awesome to behold.

The story behind this tweet and the subsequent tempest of Twitter fury is fascinating. It all stems from Linda Sarsour simply being a terrible human being. And Courtney Love wants everyone to know that.

So, here’s what happened. Sarsour has raised more than $80,000 for a Somali woman who claims she was the victim of a hate crime in Ohio. But the facts of the case have been disputed, and it turns out that the Somali woman may have actually been the aggressor.

Pointing the latter out means you’re an attention-seeking Trump supporter, says Sarsour.  

Facts don’t matter to Linda Sarsour.  

Ahhh yes, the old “you’re a racist” strategy of winning an argument on the internet.

Sarsour, unable to respond intelligently, plays the Islamaphobe card.

Confirming Courtney Love's point. 

Forget about it Courtney, Linda Sarsour is not worth anyone’s time.

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