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Covington teen Nick Sandmann is wise beyond his years

Conservative Review

What I wouldn’t give for a majority of American adults to know what Nick Sandmann has learned.

The Left wants no compromise, no competition of thought, no civility, no possibility for introspection, no benefit of the doubt, no leniency, no moderation, no tolerance. Leftists wish no goodwill, no mercy, no meekness, no levity, no charity, no tenderness.

Their “truth” is based on false assumptions and lies that eat out their souls. They want us to suffer for disbelieving their lies. They want us to bow to their false assumptions and cry out for their forgiveness. They want us on our knees begging.

Nathan Phillips is a seasoned activist for the Left. He knew what he was doing. He used the Alinsky tactic of singling out Nick Sandmann, freezing him, making his existence out to be a personal threat, and creating a narrative to polarize the boy. It worked, and so many people, many of whom probably pride themselves among their families and friends as caring and even-handed, destroyed that boy publicly because Phillips handed them the picture of a monster instead of the innocent youth Sandmann really was.

His smile was interpreted by the hateful Left as a sneer. His red hat automatically became a scarlet letter. His tolerance and respect for the elderly Phillips were interpreted as privilege and snobbery. Right down to the effort to defuse a difficult situation, Sandmann’s conscious effort not to move in the face of Phillips’ encroachment on him was cast as indifferent insubordination to a representative of a holier-than-thou protected group. And these purposeful mischaracterizations were created and spoon-fed to hateful leftists worldwide by the leftist activist Nathan Phillips.

And as if the boy was mere chum in the water, the Left attacked Sandmann and fed their hatred for days.

How many of us could truthfully say we would have been able to withstand the treatment Sandmann and his family have? For that matter, how many of us would have stood with arms by our sides while the ridiculous show of stolen righteousness played out? It is no stretch to say that Sandmann is the beneficiary of good parenting to be able to stand in the face of uncertainty and chaos without retreat and without attack.

The Left wants to manipulate us all, in all possible ways. We see the manipulation in the press and in the halls of Congress. We are being shown every day that there is no depth the Left will not descend to in order to control us. They control an entire political party made up of the weak and disturbed and exalt the morally destitute.

What I wouldn’t give for the majority of Americans to know exactly what we are dealing with and to add the knowledge that our country is slipping away from us and into the hands of these deceiving sociopaths.

Their manipulation in this instance and thousands of others goes on, with reactions that are ridiculously naive. It is their intent to destroy the good. Not just Sandmann, not just this time; always.

Nick Sandmann is wise beyond his years. Not only because of how he carried himself, but also because he has witnessed something firsthand that shows exactly what leftists wish to do to all of us one day if we let them take control. Anything or anyone who represents goodness, righteousness, and truth is their enemy, and they will stop at nothing to make their enemies pay.

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