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Dear Mediaite: Let me Google that for you

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Update: The day after this piece was written, Jon Street corrected his column, after first fighting back at the facts presented. Street was then shown by this author and the Daily Caller's Peter J. Hasson that more of his column was factually incorrect. Here are Street's tweets explaining his correction:

For those interested, Street's original article, archived yesterday, may be viewed at this link.

The internet is hard …

LMGTFY … On Friday, Mediaite’s Jon Street wrote an article about how “conservative online media” covered Rudy Giuliani’s statement about Trump’s involvement in the Stormy Daniels payment from Michael Cohen. In the article, published Friday afternoon, Street claimed that Conservative Review did not cover Giuliani’s comments about Trump and the payment. Here’s Street’s setup paragraph:

Multiple online conservative media outlets —, Conservative ReviewPJ MediaLifeZette, Daily Caller, and Townhall — danced around or in some cases completely ignored Giuliani’s comments Wednesday. All but one of those outlets, Townhall, still had not covered Trump’s Friday morning comments as of publication time.

In Conservative Review’s case, the assertion is wrong. But that didn’t stop Street from doubling down.

Conservative Review, which announced Wednesday the addition of former Fox News host Eric Bolling to its TV lineup, apparently didn’t think Giuliani’s bombshell was worth mentioning either. No mention of the comment could be found on its website. Hours before the Hannity interview, however, the outlet’s social media feeds did focus on defending the president over his firing of Comey, after reports that Trump could fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

How does what the social media team here at CR did “hours before the Hannity interview” have any bearing on whether or not we covered the Giuliani comments? (Spoiler alert: we did.) As a side note, thanks for linking my piece on how the Supreme Court has already said that Trump, or any president for that matter, can fire anyone he pleases.

Back to the matter at hand. Mr. Street, let me introduce you to something that you may not be aware of: It is called Google, and it is a pretty big deal on this thing we call the “internet.” If you had simply gone to that website and typed “Rudy Giuliani Stormy Daniels,” you would have seen this article: “Correction: NBC News got story wrong, Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s phone lines monitored, not wiretapped.” Here’s the relevant passage:

Rudy Giuliani, who is currently serving as an attorney on Trump’s legal team, told Fox News Wednesday night that Trump reimbursed Cohen for the $130,000 payment he made to Daniels to keep her from going public with allegations about her alleged affair with Trump during the 2016 election.

That article was published on May 3, 2018. May 3 is a day before May 4 according to the Gregorian calendar in use by the modern world. So not only did Conservative Review write about Giuliani’s comments, my colleague Christopher Pandolfo did so the afternoon before Street's piece was published.

In addition, my colleague and CRTV’s White House correspondent Jon Miller made the Giuliani comments the focus of his Thursday morning White House Brief email newsletter, which Mr. Street can read here, on that thing called the “internet.” It was also the focus of an episode of Miller’s White House Brief series on Thursday, which Street could have seen for free on, or via the @CRTV account on CRTV is the "TV lineup" Street wrote about.

When so-called media critics get something this factually wrong, I feel I need to set the record straight. Street’s assertions and his editor’s laziness in checking his facts are unacceptable.

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