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Democrats need only these 3 things to control the House in 2018

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As we continue to wait for the Democrats actually to win something, it would be wise of Republicans not to get too cocky in response to the Left’s laughable “moral victories.” There absolutely is a path to the Democrats taking control of the House of Representatives in the 2018 midterms. It’s just a matter of whether they’re capable of implementing it. They may be, or they may not.

In fact, a Democrat House in 2018 is only these three easy steps away:

1. Dump Nancy Pelosi.

She’s unlikable, a career politician, scatter-brained, and from uber-left San Francisco. Other than that, she’s the perfect face for the Democratic Party — if you’re a GOP consultant. Seriously, if you’re a wary Republican in the uncertain age of Trump looking to concoct the perfect foil, the only thing Pelosi is missing is being a white male. But as the song goes that Trump likes to play at his rallies, you can’t always get what you want. However, if you try sometimes, you just might find you get what you need. And Republicans need Pelosi as a bogeyman to offset Trump’s scare value for Democrats, in what will be a turn-out-the-base election. As long as Pelosi is there to be the Republicans’ piñata, Paul Ryan will continue to be speaker of the House.

2. Stop talking/pursuing impeachment.

While dumping Pelosi is a necessary start, it doesn’t close the sale for Democrats. Sometimes in sports, a road environment is so raucous that it fires up the road team every bit as much as the home squad, thus creating a boomerang effect. This is what the issue of impeachment is for the Democrats.

Sure, it ignites the 15 percent of counties that voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. But it also ignites the 85 percent of counties across the country that didn’t, too. So it’s a net loss for Democrats — a big one, especially since these are district and not statewide elections.

It’s no secret that Republicans are much better at campaigning on their platform than actually governing on it, which is why they’re always at war with their own base. However, the impeachment issue is so flammable that it will cause the GOP’s base problem to all but disappear. Democrats would be much wiser to let independent counsel Robert Mueller do his work, then sit back and see how the GOP navigates the choppy seas of what its corporatist donors want vs. the reforms its base desires.

3. The GOP passes a health care bill that doesn’t substantively cut the rising costs of premiums, but does cut Medicaid.

This would be like Republican leadership actually writing Democrats’ 2018 campaign commercials next year for them, and it appears as if the Republicans are hell-bent (literally) on doing exactly that. Attaching your brand to legislation that doesn’t immediately relieve consumers suffering under Obamacare, but then promises future cuts to a program originally established for poor folks, literally fulfills every Democrat talking point ever. That’s not even political malfeasance, but more like a political Jonestown for Republicans.

How likely is it that Democrats will wake up and carry out these first two easy steps? Until Democrats first confront the fact that they’re so far left they’re scaring the (literal) hell out of much of America, Republicans will escape many of the consequences of their own betrayals.

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