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The Dossier: Obama officials collude with Iran to thwart US foreign policy

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Obama officials collude with Iran to thwart US foreign policy

The Daily Beast has published a disturbing piece revealing that senior Obama administration officials are actively attempting to undermine the Trump administration’s foreign policy. And worse, they are collaborating with the terrorist regime that rules Iran to do so.

The publication has offered anonymity to the select Obama administration officials, breaking journalistic standards and allowing them to be quoted at length while cloaked in anonymity, about their plans to collude with Iran and thwart the elected president’s agenda.

The leftist writers of the piece do their best to attempt to write off this endeavor as a normal occurrence. But make no mistake, attempting to run a shadow government and colluding with America’s enemies, to the detriment of the American people, is anything but normal.

Iran celebrates ‘Quds Day,’ leaders call for annihilation of US & Israel

Coinciding with Democrats’ conspiring with the Iranian regime is the annual Al-Quds Day in Iran.

Al-Quds (Jerusalem) Day is celebrated annually in Iran to supposedly express solidarity with the Palestinian people.

To commemorate the day, clerics lead chants of “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” following Friday prayers. The Iranian militants find many ways to express their hatred for the West, including stomping on American and Israeli flags and lighting them on fire.

AG Barr takes Russiagaters to task

Attorney General William Barr held an hour-long interview that was published today by CBS News. Barr tackled the Russia investigation, special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, and his role in investigating the behavior of rogue Intelligence Community operatives.

The Federalist highlighted how Barr took particular issue with the Trump-Russia collusion conspiracies that were concocted by Hillary Clinton and elements of the Obama administration.

“Mueller has spent two and half years and the fact is there is no evidence of a conspiracy,” Barr said in the interview. “So it was bogus, this whole idea that the Trump was in cahoots with the Russians is bogus.”

“I think one of the ironies today is that people are saying that it’s President Trump that’s shredding our institutions. I really see no evidence of that,” he added. “The idea of resisting a democratically elected president and basically throwing everything at him and you know, really changing the norms on the grounds that ‘We have to stop this president,’ that is where the shredding of our norms and our institutions is occurring.”

Chaos in North Korea: Kim reportedly orders top officials executed or sentenced to hard labor

Kim Jong Un, the Stalinist dictator who rules North Korea, has reportedly stepped up his tyrannical campaign against Pyongyang officials whom he deems unworthy of their posts.

South Korean news outlets report that the North Korean dictator has decided to sentence Kim Yong Chol, a top-ranking official who was in the United States earlier this year to deliver a letter to President Trump himself, to hard labor. Worse, he has executed Kim Hyok Chol, North Korea’s primary U.S. envoy and nuclear negotiator.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Friday that U.S. authorities are continuing to investigate the claims.

Trump expands trade war to multiple fronts: Vows to impose tariff on Mexico

The White House announced Thursday that the U.S. will impose a new five percent tariff on all goods coming into the country from Mexico, starting June 10, citing frustrations with Mexico’s lack of action on the illegal immigration and border security front.

“If the illegal migration crisis is alleviated through effective actions taken by Mexico, to be determined in our sole discretion and judgment, the Tariffs will be removed,” the statement added.

The news comes as the U.S.-China trade war shows no end in sight. Earlier this month, the president bolstered tariffs on Chinese imports, citing China’s unfair trade practices. The U.S. also banned U.S. companies from doing business with Huawei, the state-controlled Chinese telecoms company, citing national security risks posed by its hardware.

China has threatened to retaliate with a “sweeping blacklist” of U.S. firms, Bloomberg reports.

Russia begins testing nuclear weapons in defiance of nuke treaty

The U.S. government has alleged that Russia is once again testing nuclear weapons in contravention of a global ban on nuclear testing.

“Russia’s development of new warhead designs and overall stockpile management efforts have been enhanced by its approach to nuclear testing. The United States believes that Russia probably is not adhering to its nuclear testing moratorium in a manner consistent with the zero-yield standard,” DIA chief Lt. Gen. Robert P. Ashley Jr. explained this week in remarks at The Hudson Institute.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty explains:

“The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty bans all nuclear explosions, either military or civilian, in any type of situation. It’s been signed and ratified by Russia, and signed by the United States, but not ratified.”

Author’s note: This post originally appeared in Blaze Media’s The Dossier newsletter. For foreign policy news and views delivered to your inbox twice a week, subscribe here.

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