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Feelings don’t care about your facts: The NFL anthem controversy

Conservative Review

LeGarrette Blount is now a member of my Detroit Lions, so welcome to purgatory, buddy. This ain’t the New England Patriots or the Pittsburgh Steelers, where you recently won Super Bowls, any more.

As a fan of the least successful franchise in NFL history -- one playoff win in 61 years, but who's counting? -- I can personally attest that the struggle is real. Blount should be prepared for cosmic levels of lamentation. And the good news is thanks to his recent encounter with some of the local media, he now is.

Over Memorial Day weekend, I was listening to a Lions podcast that featured Blount commenting enthusiastically about a recent USO tour he was on and how grateful he was to have been afforded such an opportunity to serve the troops and their families stationed overseas. He was talking to a gaggle of sports reporters, so you know what happened next. An industry led by an entity like ESPN, which provides a platform to Keith "F*** you @RealDonaldTrump Nazi Nazi f*** Nazi Nazi RACIST Nazi BIGOT go f*** yourself f****** Nazi f******" Olbermann, simply wouldn't permit Blount to honor his country like that in this age of Trump.

Thus Blount was met with a volley of follow-up questions about the NFL and President Trump. Surely this gathering of pasty-faced Millennial media would finally do their humanities professors proud by prompting Blount, who is black, to virtue-signal on cue.

Except Blount, who doesn’t have a reputation for being either timid or a choirboy, wouldn't play his part. Instead he took the high road by refusing to comment from there on anything that wasn't specifically about football. If only there were more like him. By saying nothing, Blount may have had the smartest take of all.

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