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'Get off the phone, you idiot!': Mark Levin shreds liberal callers and their impeachment arguments

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Wednesday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin took liberal callers and asked them to identify the specific offenses President Trump committed that justify his impeachment. Then he shredded their arguments.

The first caller, Paul from Los Angeles, California, said Trump abused his office by "subverting the will of Congress" by withholding congressionally authorized foreign aid from Ukraine to leverage an investigation into Hunter Biden, potential corruption, and 2016 election interference.

"The president of the United States is free, as every president has been free, to condition that aid on certain types of activities," Levin explained. "See, he's the commander in chief. He's in charge of American foreign policy. Do you know Barack Obama did that with Israel? Do you know Barack Obama did that with Ukraine? ... We should've impeached Barack Obama, Paul!"

Paul began to raise his voice in protest, and Levin ejected him from the program, saying, "Get off the phone, you idiot!"


The next caller repeated Paul's point, but Levin brought the conversation back to this basic question: What was Trump's abuse of power?

There isn't an impeachable answer.

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