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Gorka throws down gauntlet, challenges ‘fake news’ hecklers

Conservative Review

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, a White House national security aide and recognized irregular warfare expert, is firing back against the institutional Left and its coordinated smear campaign to delegitimize his credentials.

Conservative Review has acquired audio from Gorka’s highly publicized talk at Georgetown University’s cybersecurity conference Monday, in which he was heckled by leftist agitators who used symbols of the Holocaust to declare the national security expert as anti-Israel and anti-Semitic.

Without any evidence, several protesters held up signs accusing Gorka of maintaining membership in a Nazi-aligned group. Others claimed he had anti-Semitic and “Islamophobic” views.

Gorka, who is unabashedly pro-Israel and has, in the past, trained countless Muslim officers from allied nations, told the campus agitators at Georgetown that they were “victims” of a “fake news propaganda campaign” that is ultimately meant to target the legitimacy of the office of the president.

Leading the smear campaign against Dr. Gorka has been the Jewish daily Forward (which has published over 39 anti-Gorka pieces since February), a far-left publication that has, in the past, declared the Holocaust-denying Iranian regime free of anti-Semitism.

The Forward has yet to find a single document or a single word uttered by Gorka that exposes his alleged anti-Semitism, yet they accuse him of having a prolonged history of associations with Nazi-like, anti-Semitic entities. Gorka denies membership in any fringe agencies.

NBC News, another far-left institution, has also dedicated tremendous resources toward trying to find evidence of the various claims against Gorka. It sent an entire investigative team to Hungary (the birthplace of his parents), only to come back empty on any extremist ties.

Seemingly ignored by the media, in the opening statement of the panel discussion, the White House advisor confronted the demagogic hecklers.

As a former adjunct professor at Georgetown, Dr. Sebastian Gorka issued a challenge to the students protesting his presence on the panel: “Every single young person holding a placard to protest my parents and myself – I challenge you now.”

“Look at everything I’ve said and written in the last 46 years of my life and find one sentence that is anti-Semitic or that is anti-Israeli,” Gorka said. “You won’t find one. You’ll find the opposite.”

“I’m sorry for you,” he told the campus rabble-rousers, adding, “you are the victims of fake news.”

Hear some of the audio from his talk (which includes a personal story about his father’s fight against the Nazi and communist forces that occupied his parents’ birth land):

Editor’s note: This correspondent is a former colleague of Dr. Gorka’s. Also, this article has been amended; Dr. Gorka was born in the U.K., not Hungary.

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