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Horowitz: Where’s the endgame? The media is using viral lies to stoke violent hatred

Horowitz: Where’s the endgame? The media is using viral lies to stoke violent hatred

Our unique faces are what distinguish us as human beings created in the image of God. The dehumanizing obsession with mandating masks for every person – sick or healthy – without any time limits, benchmarks, transparency, or debate, has created such a vociferous cult that it is resulting in violence. What is the exit strategy from an unprecedentedly arbitrary and capricious power play that began with “15 days to flatten the curve”?

At first, I joked with my colleagues that Democrats will never abolish the police because they need them to enforce coronavirus tyranny and punish racial infractions. But now we are seeing that the media has stirred up a mob to enforce these things themselves. The same way we have seen violent mobs surround cars on the road and demand that people support the racist BLM agenda, we are now seeing the mask police violently attack those who are deemed a public hazard for their mere right to breathe free air.

Ash O’Brien and her husband Jarrett Kelley were enjoying a picnic at a San Diego dog park with their puppy on Thursday when an enraged woman approached them and verbally assaulted them for not wearing a mask. It was outdoors and nobody was around them until this woman herself approached them, but this is how far the mask cult stirred up by the media has gone. Suddenly, according to the victims, the enraged women came back with a bottle of mace and sprayed the entire can at the husband, who shielded his wife. The husband was taken to the hospital for medical treatment.

A witness captured the incident on camera and took down the license plate of the woman, according to ABC10. A police report has been filed with local police.

This is what happens when the media drags politicians into this moral hazard of shaming people and regulating their ability to breath freely without restriction. To suggest that a human being is a hazard simply by existing and forcing them to take an action to cover their humanity is a big deal. As I mentioned last week, this cannot be taken lightly and requires a minimum threshold of evidentiary standards, public hearings, and a democratic process.

But what is taking place is complete flat-earth science and is fueled by mob hatred, fear, panic, and herd mentality – the worst human traits.

Perhaps the biggest moral hazard of this tyranny is the lack of an endgame. It’s one thing for a politician to come before the people with humility and promise that this is only for a short period of time in specific places and that he will have public hearings to get to the bottom of the issue of effectiveness. But leaders across the country are now making this the new normal.

Miami-Dade County has at the top of its COVID webpage a title, “Moving to a New Normal.” “Anyone in Miami-Dade County who is not following New Normal rules faces a civil offense, punishable with a $100 fine,” states this Orwellian order from Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez. Who even talks like this? Anyone who violates the new normal?

Kids have a lower risk and transmission rate for this virus than for the seasonal flu. If this is the new threshold to upend the lives and humanity of children and force them to wear a face burka for the entire day, when will this ever end? More children will die from the flu, and they will certainly transmit it into the community more prolifically, as they do every year. Is this going to be mandated in public and in schools every year? Indefinitely?

As absurd as it sounds to suggest we will make this the “new normal” for a respiratory disease, this will not end even with a vaccine. Our medical expert and overlord, Bill Gates, announced recently that he thinks the vaccine will not work in one dose and will require multiple doses. What other goalposts will be moved? Remember, most respiratory viral vaccines are not fully effective, as we see with the flu vaccine. Thus, if full eradication is the only way out of the new normal, don’t kid yourself into thinking a vaccine is a panacea for this emotional epidemic.

This is no longer a scientific pandemic, but an emotional pandemic based on fear and fed by dangerous groupthink through the media. There is no herd immunity, no vaccine, and no clinical treatment. If we don’t fight back as informed citizens, this indeed will be the new normal – forever. As Henry David Thoreau said: “Think for yourself, or others will think for you without thinking of you.”

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