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House committee votes to draft women into selective service

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We have officially lost it as a civil society.  All the gender-bending has taken its toll on our political leaders, forcing them to come full circle and endorse a mandatory draft for all young women in this country.

Yesterday, during a marathon markup of the $610 billion annual defense bill (NDAA), the House Armed Services Committee added an amendment including women in the requirement for all young adults to register for the Selective Service.  The amendment was originally sponsored by Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA), an opponent of social engineering in the military, in order to jumpstart a discussion of how the ‘women in combat agenda’ has gone too far.  You might call it a case study of acting absurd in order to illustrate absurdity.  But as it turns out, there is no floor to the politically correct insanity of our political class.  Republicans Joe Heck, Martha McSally, and Chris Gibson joined the Democrats in passing this amendment and attaching it to the NDAA.  The vote tally was 32-30.

To be clear, this entire exercise was pointless and will not become law.  Moreover, the Selective Service is gratuitous and will likely go by the wayside one of these days.  But the point is we’ve reached rock bottom in our culture when every Democrat and even some Republicans now believe women should be forcibly drafted into the military.  Remember, several months ago during the New Hampshire primary debate when every candidate except for Ted Cruz expressed support for women in combat and women registering for the draft. Last year, Trump said he would absolutely support women in combat.

Add this to the endless list of bedrock principles many Republicans are willing to toss overboard.  As John Kasich likes to say, we just need to get over it.

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