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How’s this for some flaming liberal hypocrisy from Susan Rice?

Conservative Review

Speaking to a friendly, hyper-partisan progressive audience at an “Ideas Conference” hosted by the far-left Center for American Progress, Susan Rice decried the current state of “political polarization” in this country.

How’s that for some flaming liberal hypocrisy?

The irony of lamenting political polarization in a room exclusively filled with leftists at an event hosted by a far-left organization was apparently lost on the former Obama national security adviser.

She took time to bash President Trump, too, of course. (Totally not a partisan thing to do.)

Rice criticized the president for “reckless saber rattling” with North Korea and for “excusing Russia’s outrageous behavior” in painting the Trump administration as weak toward our chief foreign adversaries. That was before she accused the administration as seeing too many threats, of course.

“It seems that the current administration looks at the world and sees only threats,” Rice said. “Immigrants, refugees, Muslims, Mexicans, even trade. It’s ‘America first,’ and the rest of the world last.”

“I fully recognize that we face serious threats,” Rice said. “I spent eight years actually reading the presidential daily briefing.”

Tough talk from the Obama administration’s third-most notorious serial liar (Hillary Clinton and Obama himself preceding her). But the most laughable line of her entire speech came the moment she said the U.S. “needs a well-functioning State Department.” The friendly, progressive audience actually laughed.

Turning to Russian influence in the 2016 election, Rice attempted to convey a nonpartisan, unifying message at this explicitly partisan political conference.

“We need to shake off this national funk and remember that first and foremost we are all Americans,” she said.

“Surely we will often disagree. But we sure as hell need to agree that a hostile foreign power has no business messing with our elections.”

She’s right, of course. Susan Rice did a bang-up job attempting to influence the election all by herself when she allegedly, per Eli Lake of Bloomberg, unmasked the identities of multiple Trump campaign officials “on dozens of occasions.” Somehow that information wound up in the hands of the press — so no need for the Russians to help.

Rice, naturally, has vigorously denied allegations that she wanted to sway the election. And though she seems to have plenty of time to bash President Trump, she refuses to testify before Congress on the matter of the surveillance conducted on members of Trump’s team.

Playing partisan politics is time consuming, after all.


Susan Rice’s refusal to testify before a subcommittee is a cover-up.

Posted by Conservative Review on Friday, May 5, 2017


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