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While ignoring our sovereignty, feds fund border security for…Tunisia

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Sarah Root had just graduated college a semester early with a 4.0 GPA and a bright future ahead of her. Then, on January 31, her young life was snuffed out by a drunk driving illegal alien who was engaged in drag racing and slammed into the back of Root’s SUV. Hence, government officials at all levels failed to executive their entire mandate from the social contract: to secure the blessings of liberty.

Eswin Mejia, an illegal alien from Honduras, was arrested at the scene of the crime, but was not taken into custody by ICE because he was not deemed a priority, pursuant to Obama’s amnesty that Republicans have refused to defund. The Nebraska judge was prohibited from even inquiring about his immigration status, and after setting bail at just $5,000, Mejia absconded and remains at large today.

Late last week, the senators from Iowa and Nebraska penned a letter to ICE Director Sarah Saldaña demanding to know why she did not view Mejia, who had a prior criminal history and was a consummate flight risk, as a priority. The Obama administration had originally suspended deportations for non-criminal aliens, but as it turns out they have failed to enforce the law against criminal aliens as well.

Meanwhile, our taxpayer dollars are going to fund a multi-million dollar border surveillance program. No, not at our southern border, but for Tunisia’s eastern border with Libya.

In a statement, the diplomatic mission said that the U.S. was disbursing the first installment of the $24.9 million project to strengthen security along the frontier.

The US Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) awarded the contract to American construction group BTP and consulting and engineering firm AECOM, a diplomatic source told AFP.

According to the embassy, the project involves the installation of an integrated surveillance system using sensors and regular security equipment.

The project includes training Tunisian forces to use the system, the statement added, without giving a start or completion date. 

Tunisia has built a 200-kilometre (125-mile) barrier that stretches about half the length of its border with Libya in an attempt to prevent militants from infiltrating.

A Border fence and surveillance technology? Border security for thee, but not for us!

In some ways, aid for Tunisia border security can be justified because our own government blew up Libya and turned it into an Islamic basket case. But to send taxpayer funds to a foreign country for border security while ignoring our own security problems on the border is a quintessential example of a government that no longer governs with the consent of the governed.

Not only are our elected officials not looking out for their own constituents, they are disenfranchising the citizenry by attenuating the value of that very citizenship — the membership of the society which created this government. Just take a look at these latest examples:

Hence our sovereignty has been stolen.

In FY 2014 alone, ICE released from its custody 14,938 aliens convicted of driving under the influence of liquor and 418 convicted of driving under the influence of drugs. Sadly, there are more Sarah Roots waiting to happen but our government cares more about the sovereignty and security of Tunisia than America.

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