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Impeach Judge Robart for violating our sovereignty & Constitution

Conservative Review

It’s still hard to believe we now live in a country where a district judge can demand that we bring in refugees from state sponsors of terror and failed states saturated with terrorists and no data systems during a time of war. It’s almost unfathomable that a district judge, an institution created by Congress, can overturn long-standing refugee law and bar the federal government from prioritizing persecuted religious minorities for refugee resettlement. All in contravention to statute, numerous clauses of the Constitution, the social contract, the social compact, popular sovereignty, jurisdictional sovereignty, and 200 years of case law.

If Obergefell redefined the building block of all civilization, Judge James Robart’s ruling redefined the building block of a sovereign nation. It’s hard to comprehend a judicial opinion more divorced from our Constitution, sovereignty, fundamental laws, founding values, history, and tradition. It’s also hard to imagine an opinion that is of greater consequence — unless it is ignored.

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