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'Is MS-13 manufactured?' Mark Levin blows up Democrat border crisis deniers

Conservative Review

Wednesday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin was on fire, hammering home the case for supporting President Donald Trump's effort to keep pressure on the Democrats until they compromise on funding a border security wall.

Levin rounded on the Democrats for suggesting the crisis on the border is "manufactured."

"Is MS-13 manufactured? Is the importation of drugs manufactured?" Levin said. "When our federal law enforcement, the Border Patrol, ICE, the DEA, and others tell us what's going on on the southern border and the consequences, are they all lying to us?"


Levin blasted progressives for making a "crisis" out of health care, out of student loans, and out of climate change, while at each turn demanding massive government action to solve these so-called crises, but not for the border.

"It's not the government's job to run health care or colleges. It's not the government's job to nationalize air and water. It's not the government's job to destroy the Second Amendment and so forth. It is the government's job to secure the border," Levin said.

Levin warned that if Republicans buckle and reopen the government without concessions from the Democrats, the fight for border security will be lost.

"What's at stake is our constitutional system, our republican system," Levin said. "Because if the Democrats get away with this, with a 30-vote majority in the House of Representatives where we control the Senate and the presidency, if they get away with it this time, we will never stop this, ever. We will never be able to secure that border."

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