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ISIS propaganda can't hold a candle to Al Jazeera's lies

Conservative Review

When it comes to coverage of global affairs, there is no more dishonest platform than the Qatar-controlled Al Jazeera, a propaganda outlet with a long history of promoting the world’s worst terrorists.

The various media networks connected to the Islamic State terrorist organization are very up front about their promotion of Islamic supremacism. Watching an Islamic State-produced video, it’s commonplace to find wholesale declaration of war against Christians and Jews.

Al Jazeera Arabic takes a more aggressive line in promoting a militant Islamic agenda. It continues to feature Islamic terrorists during its regular programming and often declares jihadi suicide bombers as “martyrs” for a holy cause. In the post-9/11 era, the network has glorified Osama bin Laden and promoted al-Qaida terrorists as supposed moderate Muslims. The media platform has been used to incite Islamist rebellions through the Middle East, using sometimes-unwitting reporters as part of its efforts to drive home a pro-Qatar appeal.

Al Jazeera English, on the other hand, cloaks its Islamic supremacist agenda in mainstream, deceptive language while covering world affairs. In seeking a bond with western liberals, the Doha network will occasionally discuss subjects such as free speech, women’s rights, anti-racism campaigns, and other popular issues.

While Al Jazeera Arabic is rather straightforward about its goals, the much more dishonest Al Jazeera programming comes in the English language. The management at Al Jazeera English is well aware that a western audience may be discomfited by the overt praise of suicide bombers seen at Al Jazeera Arabic. Therefore, the English channel dedicates much of its coverage to distorting and wholly lying about Middle East affairs to forward the interests of Qatar, which means advocating for its fringe allies in Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran, and other nefarious actors.

Nowhere are Al Jazeera’s bias and dishonesty more apparent than in its coverage of Israel, which Qatar sees as an enemy nation. Let’s take a look at one such example: Al Jazeera English’s Friday coverage of a Palestinian terrorist attack in Jerusalem, Israel.

Here’s what actually happened:

On Friday morning, Arab terrorists launched an ambush attack on Israeli police officers stationed near the entrance to the Temple Mount. Upon firing their weapons, the terrorists yelled “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is greater). The assassination killed two police officers and resulted in the defensive killing of the three terrorists involved in the murders. Following the attack, to secure the area, Israeli authorities temporarily shut down Friday prayers at the Al-Aqsa mosque, which is on the grounds of the Temple Mount.

Now, here’s how Al Jazeera English covered the attack:

In an effort to distort the narrative, Al Jazeera described the jihadi terror attack as an “altercation” that killed three Palestinians, essentially assigning blame to Israel. Throughout the day, Al Jazeera continued to portray the “Palestinian” attackers (who were actually Arab-Muslim citizens of Israel) as victims. Another headline read: “Israel shuts down the Al Aqsa compound after security forces kill three armed Palestinians.”

The lies and distortions from Al Jazeera English have become commonplace in its everyday reporting. Almost every time a Palestinian assailant attacks an innocent Israeli, you can bet that Al Jazeera will find a narrative placing blame on the victim.

At least ISIS is transparent about its motives. Al Jazeera, in an attempt to gain broad support for its radicalism, appeals to the West to further the media network’s Islamic supremacist scheme.

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