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This isn’t normal politics. This is an inquisition

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Elijah Cummings sits on a powerful committee in Congress. He is considering every way he can to destroy the president and his family. The president told him in a tweet to get his district under control, and all hell broke loose because Cummings is a black man and Trump is white.

Donald Trump has been called a racist for telling a black congressman to pay attention to his own district. Quickly, all of Trump’s supporters have been called racists and are defined by the media and opinion-makers as somewhat less than human.

A congressman may be called upon to defend his life’s work, representing the constituents of his district. The color of his skin ought to have nothing to do with his ability to represent his district, just like his lung capacity or his ability to walk. He is a human being, picked by the individuals in his district to represent them, whose mind, common sense, and people skills will eventually produce results. If the results are bad, he must account for them. If they are good, he will tout them.

But now, in America, if you are a person of color and a Democrat, nobody can criticize you. The Democrat Party has made it clear that only racists dare criticize you. The color of your skin has everything to do with the criticism of your job; therefore, you will not be held to account. You have no ultimate responsibility.

In other words, if you aren’t white and you suck at your job, it’s okay, because only racists will point it out, and you can continue to suck at your job and lob insults at the guy who pointed it out.

Joaquin Castro, brother of presidential candidate Julian Castro, sent out a tweet identifying Trump donors in the San Antonio area, saying those donors are “fueling a campaign of hate.”

We aren’t having a discussion on race in this nation; we are having an inquisition. Every day, the Left spews hate-filled attacks on the president of the United States, his family, and his supporters, and there is no reasoning with them. Their blood is boiling, their veins are popping, their grimy hands are pointing long, spindly fingers at all of us.

You cannot criticize certain people of a certain party. It doesn’t work to criticize policy any more, because policy is lumped together with race and social justice. Therefore, any criticism of policy is actually construed as wanting to put black people back into slavery. Policy is personal. These nasty Democrats have destroyed our ability to maintain peace.

Think of the lengths the Democrats are going to to try to win an election a year and a half away. They are taking their message only to their side, to disqualify us as worthy of any respect. Everyone who doesn’t agree with them is a racist, a misogynist, a bigot. They won’t stop;      this won’t end. We are approaching an extremely dangerous point, and even if they win, it won’t stop.

There are no voices of reason on their side. There are no efforts at civility. They appear to truly believe their irrational and hysterical actions are going to save the nation, when they are actually leading us toward violence. And they don’t care!

They believe they can take over this nation by serving this inquisition upon us, and we cannot ignore it. We must unite against this. We must continue to use the rule of law to stop their violent forces on our city streets.

They have no authority over us, but once they get power, they will stop at nothing to control us. The Democrat Party has become soaked in toxic wickedness, but Americans are better than that.

Americans are peace-loving people. We must see the Democrats as a force within the nation trying to destroy it, and we must cling to our processes and our laws and our own inner strength to repel it.

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