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‘It’s time to wake up’: GOP Senate candidate John James calls on black Americans to leave Democratic Party with pro-America message

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With all the talk about race in politics, the #WalkAway movement, and Turning Point USA's 2018 Young Black Leadership Summit trending last week, why isn't Michigan Republican candidate for U.S. Senate John James the talk of conservative media?

James released a short but powerful ad Thursday highlighting his father's experience in the Jim Crow south and how his perseverance taught him to stand for America.

"My dad grew up in the Jim Crow south, but he persevered. And he taught me faith, service, and love of country," James says. "I took those lessons from West Point to the battlefield, and I believe America's still worth fighting for. That's why I stand for the anthem. I stand for the fallen. And I stand for the forgotten."

"Despite America's challenges, we shall overcome," he closes.

James, a graduate of West Point, decorated combat veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and businessman, is challenging incumbent Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich. He is running on an inspirational pro-America message that calls on black Americans to realize "the Democratic business model is reliant on keeping black folks dependent on the government," as he says in an ad released last week.

"Countless people have died for our right to think and to vote for ourselves, yet Democratic leadership asks us to outsource our voice on a straight-ticket ballot to a godless party that neither represents our values nor our economic best interests," James says.

"The Democratic Party leadership cares more about the black vote than the back people, and it's time to wake up."

James is running as a pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, and pro-business conservative. On Tuesday, he was interviewed by LevinTV host Mark Levin.


If elected, James told Levin, he would be the first African-American Republican senator from the state of Michigan. Democratic candidates like Georgia's Stacey Abrams or Florida's Andrew Gillum have captured national media attention. But James, a black Republican running as a conservative in Michigan, hasn't had nearly the media attention those progressives get for free.

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