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Jamiel Shaw Jr.’s dad exposes liberal immigration lies

Conservative Review

Jamiel Shaw Sr. has been fighting the lonely battle against illegal immigration since 2008, when his 17-year-old son, Jamiel Shaw Jr., was gunned down in broad daylight by illegal alien gang members in the sanctuary city of Los Angeles. It was determined at trial that Jamiel Jr., who had no criminal record and no history with gangs, was targeted and killed due to the color of his skin.

The elder Shaw helped create Jamiel’s Law, a proposed ordinance to deport known illegal alien gang members, and has testified before Congress multiple times on the matter. But after years of advocating for tighter immigration enforcement at local, state, and federal levels, only to be met with dead ends and closed doors, Shaw found an ally in President-elect Donald Trump.

Shaw appeared onstage with Trump throughout his campaign and was given a prime-time slot to speak at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. After his candidate defeated Hillary Clinton on Nov. 8, Shaw saw an opportunity to finally put a stop to the type of lax immigration practices that contributed to his son’s death. In an interview with Conservative Review, he explained his hope for America’s future.

First and foremost, Shaw hopes to see a lot more of the “bad guys” — illegals with criminal records — deported under the new Trump administration.

“Everybody should be for that,” he told CR. “Who could be against that? They are, but why?”

Shaw said that where he and his family live in L.A., many illegal aliens are given Social Security cards and drivers' licenses.

“I know plenty of black people saying, ‘If nothing else, he’s gonna get rid of [illegal] immigration and he’s gonna bring some jobs back,’” he said of the black community’s thoughts on President-elect Trump.

Shaw believes that by simply enforcing the immigration laws that are already on the books, jobs going to illegals would go back to Americans. He gave the example of downtown L.A., where there is plenty of construction activity, but most of the workers are illegal Latino immigrants.

“You see no white people, no black people — only Latino,” he said. “And that’s not fair. That’s not fair that in a community of Americans, we can’t even get a job.”

Jamiel Shaw rejects the common liberal claim that the conservative approach to immigration is the product of “racism” and “intolerance.”

“That’s B.S.” he said. “A lot of white people give black people ‘leaders.’ Most [black] people don’t give a damn about Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson. We don’t even respect them or listen to them. I ain’t ever seen Al Sharpton’s show and never will. I don’t like none of those guys. And most black people feel the same way. But because America thinks they’re our leaders, that’s all we get.”

Shaw added that many black people in this country are “brainwashed” by activists like Sharpton and Jackson, the mainstream media, and the intentionally divisive anti-police rhetoric employed by social justice warriors in the Black Lives Matter movement. He believes that the only way to fix the racial tension and immigration problems in this country is to take the “law and order” approach that Donald Trump has proposed.

“You ride through L.A., you see memorial sites on every corner,” he described. “It’s like … man, it’s scary. Everywhere you go: candles and flowers, pictures of dead people. Everybody’s been shot. Nobody’s even getting old no more in black communities.”

Donald Trump’s call for “law and order” appealed to Shaw because the federal law doesn’t care about the personal feelings of liberal politicians and social justice warriors; the law doesn’t discriminate.

Shaw noted that L.A.’s immigration problem is not limited to Latinos. Just last month, 15 people were shot at a home where illegal immigrants from Jamaica lived and ran a restaurant.

“Fifteen people got shot — [three] of them dead — and it never even made the national news,” he said. “That’s a mass shooting! Fifteen people get shot at a house in L.A. [Three] of them get shot dead. And no one even knows about it.”

Shaw suspects that the media are reluctant to report shootings committed by black people and illegal immigrants because those stories don’t fit their open-borders, pro-gun control agenda: “If a white person did that, oh my God — it would be national news.”

He went on to explain why he rejects the emotive “What about the kids?” argument the Left often uses in the illegal immigration debate.

“The guy that killed my son, he came here at three years old. So why should I care about a three-year-old kid? He’s not gonna stay three. This guy was three years old. He got to be 19, [then] three gun charges.”

Jamiel Shaw shared that many people contacted him during the election to say that they were supporting Donald Trump because they saw the way he treated Mr. Shaw, “a dark, black man who’s from the ‘hood.”

“I’m just a normal Joe Blow,” he said. “So if he don’t like black people, I would be one that he wouldn’t like.”

“I haven’t been to Harvard. I’m not rich. I’m just a Joe Blow, trying to make a couple bucks for the family and be left alone. And that didn’t happen,” he said, referring to his son’s murder. “So I’m pissed off.”

Shaw called Donald Trump’s win a “victory” for his son and all of the victims of illegal immigrant crime. For the first time in almost nine years, Shaw feels supported by someone in power.

“He’s the one that shook up everything,” he said.

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