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John Cornyn holds conservative nominee hostage for Swamp kickback

Conservative Review

On Thursday, news broke that Senator John Cornyn, R-Texas, had placed a hold on the nomination of Russ Vought for deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget.

Friday, Cornyn explained he had done so to guarantee the approval of federal spending in Texas, crossing a line that no decent or respectable public servant would have crossed.

In the appropriately Swampy fashion of the Washington cartel, the No. 2 Republican in the Senate held a critical Trump administration nominee hostage to extract billions more in federal tax dollars for pork-laden handouts (in the name of “hurricane relief”) to his special interests back in Texas.  

That’s not a cynical assessment of Cornyn’s action. He wasn’t even shy about it, and it gets worse still ...

Incredibly, and dishonestly, Cornyn implicated Gov. Greg Abbott and Sen. Ted Cruz in his scheme to hold up Vought until he gets his ransom. Neither are involved, as Sen. Cruz has always supported Vought’s nomination while Gov. Abbott is not a party to this federal appointment.  

If 2016 demonstrated the collective fury of the American electorate at its so-called leaders and their slimy, crony antics in Washington, D.C., this case is a picture-perfect example of why Americans were and remain so furious.

Every day it seems there are fewer truly decent and honorable men in public service. Russ Vought is one of them.

Vought served under then-Congressman Mike Pence as a staffer at the Republican Study Committee and later as political director at Heritage Action, where he built a grassroots army of patriot activists waging war to keep Republicans accountable and to advance conservative policy.

He was put in the national spotlight earlier this year when, during his testimony before the Senate Budget Committee, he was bullied by Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., for the unpardonable sin of professing to be a Bible-believing Christian.

Indeed, in an assault on the very founding principles of our country, the bigot Sanders essentially declared that Russ Vought was unfit for public office because he’s a practicing Christian. This blatantly unconstitutional and hateful religious litmus test revealed how the progressive Left has no intention of quitting its jihad against what they perceive as the true enemy: Christianity. 

This vile, unscrupulous show by Bernie Sanders was rightly and roundly condemned. But now the second-most powerful Republican in the Senate, a self-described conservative, has joined the socialist senator from Vermont in further abusing, for his own benefit, a nominee who is both a principled conservative and a good man. 

Two things that apparently, Senator Cornyn is not.

Vought’s nomination remains in limbo — an ominous sign that the bipartisan D.C. establishment remains uniformly opposed to individuals who threaten to weaken its power and restore greater liberty for every American who lives outside the Swamp.

Vought is a key figure for establishing the budget blueprints of President Trump, seeking to end Washington’s insatiable tax-and-spend gluttony for crony special interests. What Cornyn is doing to Vought is despicable.

His actions are emblematic of the shameless, oozing hypocrisy that voters have witnessed for years from their supposed representatives. A two-faced political class constantly professing their pro-American, pro-freedom, and pro-life agenda on the campaign trail while prostituting their constituents behind closed doors once the ballots are counted and the election is over.

Cornyn’s abuse of a God-fearing, principled man like Russ Vought belies his carefully crafted facade as a fighter for conservative, Texas values. Truly, his actions not only further underscore Cornyn’s lukewarm commitment to limited government and freedom writ large, they expose the darker reality — the reality that “Big John” Cornyn is little better than the tyrannical progressives he professes to oppose.

When it comes down to it, Senator John Cornyn is more than happy to make common cause with those waging war on the Constitution and on Christians when it also serves his interests.

Our nation would be far better off if we had more men and women of Russ Vought’s caliber — and far fewer of the Cornyn and Sanders stock.

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