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Jordan sends letter to colleagues making his case for leadership

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Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio does not want to put a "positive spin" on House Republicans losing their majority to the Democrats.

In a letter sent to members of the Republican conference, Jordan, who is running for the minority leader position, argues that the Republicans could have held their majority under different leadership the past two years.

"With taxes lowered, an economy growing at nearly 4 percent, and a record number of Americans working, we had a compelling narrative to offer the American people," Jordan writes.

"Part of the headwind our campaigns faced this year was an enthusiasm gap among our Republican base. They are more passionate in their support for the President than for us. They perceive the President as fighting harder for their issues — and, more importantly, they perceive him (and not us) to be a real agent of change in Washington."

"As the minority party in the House, the top priorities of our conference for the next two years should be to defend the president and regain the trust of the American people so we can win back the majority and enact good policy," Jordan writes. He says Republicans need new leadership to do this.

House Republicans are reportedly set to keep the same leadership. Current Republican Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy is running for the minority leader position, which is elected by a majority of House Republicans. A GOP aide "familiar with McCarthy's whip count" told the Washington Examiner McCarthy has the votes to be elected leader.

But what would McCarthy's agenda be in the House? As majority leader, McCarthy led the Republicans to surrender on six major funding fights with the Democrats, stalling President Trump's agenda. Given the opportunity to attach needed border security legislation to must-pass spending bills, McCarthy decided instead to have the House pass toothless resolutions condemning illegal immigration. McCarthy is a demonstrated grandstander, not a leader.

Jordan argues House Republicans must actively fight presumptive Speaker Nancy Pelosi's agenda, stopping the expansion of Obamacare, fighting tax increases in the House, and defending the Constitution and the president from Democratic abuses of power.

"The next two years of Congress and the presidential election of 2020 will define the future of our country. If we are to regain the majority, we cannot continue on the same path," Jordan writes.

House Republicans have a choice. They can re-elect the same leadership that lead them into the minority, or chart a more conservative path by electing a man whose leadership philosophy is "doing what you said you would do."

Isn't the choice clear?

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