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Kevin McCarthy blasts House Dem majority's first 100 days: 'Resolutions, radicalism, and resistance'

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During a debate on a net neutrality bill, House Minority Leader took to the House floor to call out his Democratic counterparts for squandering their first 100 days in the majority on anti-Trump resistance and nonbinding resolutions.

“The question more and more Americans are beginning to ask,” McCarthy said from the floor. “What have the Democrats done with their majority?”

McCarthy pointed out that this coming Friday, when House Democrats are at their annual policy conference, will mark 100 days since the party took control of the lower chamber. Yet he said that he couldn’t point to any major accomplishments during that politically critical period, which he called “100 days of Democrat disappointment.”

“At this point in the last Congress, Republicans had passed 141 bills out of committee and 132 out of the House,” McCarthy said. “So what do the numbers say now? By contrast, Democrats have passed 68 bills out of committee and 97 out of the House. Considerably fewer bills out of this House than before.”

The majority leader also chided Democratic leaders for having to scrap a major budget vote the day before over disagreements in their own ranks.

“It hasn't been said once; it's been said hundreds of times: Show us your budget, show us your values,” McCarthy said. “Unfortunately, it looks like we'll never know the true values of this majority, because there is no budget.”

McCarthy also criticized the majority for spending too much of the chamber’s time passing nonbinding resolutions and resisting the Trump administration -- "resolutions, radicalism, and resistance" -- and too little time addressing the problems facing the American people.

“One in five votes in this House that was taken since the end of January were nonbinding messaging resolutions,” McCarthy said. “What if we spent one-fifth of our time working to improve border security and fix the loopholes in our immigration system?”

“I've never known anybody that has ran for office that was asked to make sure you go to Congress to waste their time on votes that do not matter,” McCarthy added. “They send us here to deliver solutions, not resolutions.”

McCarthy also criticized his Democratic colleagues’ fixation with far-left policies like the Green New Deal, failures to adequately address anti-Semitism in their own ranks, and their use of time and resources on anti-Trump investigations.

"Today, the Democrats are leaving for their member retreat and then a two-week spring break,” McCarthy concluded. “Let's hope they come back with more than a tan. ... Let's hope they come back ready to work for the common good, not simply to appease their extremist radical base.”

You can watch McCarthy's entire speech on C-Span, starting after the 36-minute mark.

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