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Levin: 'You can't embrace progressivism if you embrace the Declaration'

Conservative Review

Tuesday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin shared that he and his wife, Julie, visited the National Archives recently and were reminded that our very mindset in politics today is utterly different from what it was in the Founding era.

"More and more people in this country want simple answers to complicated issues. So if somebody says, 'I will give you free health care,' or 'I will give you free college,' or 'I will wipe our your medical debt' — that's a new one by Sanders — or 'I will wipe out your college debt.' 'I'll make everything easy for you, free for you,' which is the hook of tyrants, to get you to surrender liberty, destroy the rule of law, destroy civil society, and then they have you by the throat. When you look at these documents, and if you've actually read them, you understand: This is about liberty, and they're about tyranny," Levin said.

"We're not taught to love our country. We're not taught to revere our Founding. We're taught to hate our Founders. The New York Times has a massive propaganda campaign going on right now, that the nation was founded, America, in 1619, on slavery. No, it wasn't. The vast majority of America never owned slaves. It wasn't founded on slavery. And the United States of America wasn't founded in 1619, either, was it? No, it wasn't."


"The progressive movement is a cancer to a constitutional republic," Levin said. "It's why its early intellectuals trashed the Constitution, trashed the Declaration of Independence, trashed the Founding Fathers. Because you can't fundamentally transform America if you abide by this Constitution. And you can't embrace progressivism if you embrace the Declaration."

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